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Matt Riddle teases the change of character

After several months away from WWE programming and in-rings, Matt Riddle returned during Monday’s Raw to humiliate The Miz.

Already on last Friday’s SmackDown, “Original Bro” appeared to have saved Sami Zayn from an attack by Bloodline, resuming his rivalry with Solo Sikoa.

already in vlog It was shared by WWE on their YouTube channel, which shows a file backstage From returning Matt Riddle, this one makes Harasses From a change in her personality to something more “serious”.

Before I left, I beat Seth [Rollins] In a pit-in fight match The main event from strict rules. Instead of continuing with that round, I kind of went back into “idiot” puzzle mode. And I feel like this time it’s still me, and it always will be me, but I want to bring a more serious side to it.

I’ve been training hard, I’ve been training hard jiu jitsu. I just earned my black belt. I really want to show my skills and experience and show the world that I am also one of the best fighters in the world and can fight anyone in this company.

On Monday, Matt Riddle returns to the WWE ring to take on The Miz in a singles match, which could be a good opportunity to show a “less goofy” side of his personality.

Do you think Matt Riddle can still go far in WWE?

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