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Matthew McConaughey shaken by massacre - VG

Matthew McConaughey shaken by massacre – VG

Matthew McConaughey mourns his hometown after the massacres.

Matthew McConaughey comes from the city where 19 children and 2 adults were murdered in an elementary school. He and other celebrities share their grief and frustration on social media.


– Once again we have tragically proven that we have failed to take responsibility for the rights our freedom gives us, the actor writes in an Instagram post

Actor Matthew McConaughey, comes from Ovaldi, where the suspected perpetrator Salvador Ramos (18) He shot and killed 19 children and two adults In an elementary school in a small town in Texas.

At the same time, he calls for self-examination among his fellow Americans:

– What do we really appreciate? How do we fix the problem? What small sacrifices can we individually make today to maintain a healthier and safer nation, nation, and neighborhood for tomorrow?

We cannot breathe again, make excuses and accept these tragic realities as the status quo, says McConaughey.

He believes that what is being done today to prevent such massacres is not enough.

This is an epidemic that we can control, and no matter which political side we are on, we all know we can do better. We need you to perform better. We must act so that parents do not need to experience what parents endure in Ovaldi and others before them.

The question many celebrities ask about gun control in the United States. Many are calling for change, believing that the situation is no longer sustainable.

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Selena Gomez: – Where are they safe?

Actress and artist Selena Gomez was also affected by the Ovaldi massacre. She herself comes from Texas.

employment Twitter Five hours ago, the star wrote:

Today in Texas, my home state, 18 innocent students were murdered just trying to get an education. a teacher was killed while doing her job; An invaluable job, but unfortunately underappreciated. If children are unsafe at school, where are they safe?

Selena Gomez.

Jennifer Aniston: No family in the world should go through this

Jennifer Aniston also has two posts on Instastory.

I wrote in one:

We don’t need ideas and invitations, we need change. No family in the world should go through this. If you’re standing up for your “rights” instead of the lives of these kids, you’re the problem.

Jennifer Aniston.

Taylor Swift: – full of anger and sadness

Actress Taylor Swift is clearly outraged after the Ovaldi murders.

Filled with anger and sadness, then crushed by the Ovaldi murders. By Buffalo, Laguna Woods, and many more. I wrote on Twitter about the ways in which we as a nation have been affected by unimaginable and unbearable heartache.

Mandy Moore: – I have no words

Actor Mandy Moore, best known from the “This is us” series, shares a post on Instastory. She also asks for work.

– He has no words. We have to do something. Elected, their whole community in our hearts.

Mandy Moore.

Actor Chris Evans is clear and brief on Twitter:

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– Fuck me enough!

LeBron James: When is enough enough?

Who is talking too TwitterBasketball player LeBron James:

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the missing and injured at Robb Elementary School in Ovaldi, Texas! When is that enough man!!! These are children and we still put them at risk at school. Seriously ‘at school’, where it should be safer!