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Mauritius ships from Norwegian Cruise Line refuse to dock – E24

Mauritius ships from Norwegian Cruise Line refuse to dock – E24

The cause must be a health hazard.

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Reports said that the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship refused to dock on the island of Mauritius Reuters.

According to Reuters, there is talk of a “Norwegian cruise ship,” which was also reported by VG, but this is not true. The ship is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. These are the remains of the Norwegian Knut Kloster cruise line which was founded in 1966, but no longer has a major Norwegian owner.

Health risks were cited as a reason. According to Reuters news agency, samples were taken from about 15 passengers who were isolated on board the ship, port authorities said on Sunday.

What is being tested is unknown. according to Bloomberg About 100 people on the boat are said to have suffered from diarrhoea.

The ship was scheduled to dock in Port Louis on Sunday.

– Authorities said the decision not to allow the cruise ship to reach the pier was taken to avoid health risks.

They also stated that the test results will be known after about 48 hours. They don't address what kind of health risks are involved.

The ship carries 2,184 passengers and 1,026 crew members. Of these, about 2,000 passengers were scheduled to disembark in Port Louis after completing the cruise, while 2,279 new passengers were expected to board the ship, port authorities say.

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The vessel is registered in the Bahamas.