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MB Way launches a new update and promises to make users' lives easier

MB Way launches a new update and promises to make users' lives easier

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MB Way now has a new tool available that, while somewhat unnoticed, is extremely useful!

Hey MP method He is to request Which were initially created to quickly transfer money and make payments, mostly online due to the possibility of creating virtual cards in a few seconds. However, nowadays it is much more than that! It is now used to split the dinner bill or even a gift purchased as a set. Moreover, you can also withdraw money when you forget your card ATM At home, and even ask for money from someone who owes you a few euros!

A new feature was recently announced that promises to make a difference in the lives of many users. This is because the application will be developed by Siblings Will be allowed Add bank accounts And not just cards. In practice, you will be able to transfer larger amounts than MB Way currently allows: 750 euros For each process and 2500 euros Month. It will be implemented over the next few years for all users. It's a very important change that will definitely please everyone!

Big news for the app

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In another masterstroke, MB Way, via MB Way UP, has executed a A new tool that allows you to use fewer cards! This is because you can now use Your cell phone cameraAdd everyone Loyalty cards Which you have in physical form – Continente, Pingo Doce, BP, Galp, Repsol, FNAC, Rádio Popular, Worten, among many others – to the application. This way, you'll be able to leave your “collection” of cards – which only takes up space in your wallet – at home!

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A new feature that will undoubtedly be widely accepted by users. However, at the moment, MB Way UP is only available for iOS. However, Android users need not despair as this is also expected to be implemented in this operating system in the coming weeks.

Are you also an active SIBS user? What feature do you use the most?

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