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Mbappé in Madrid this Monday

Mbappé in Madrid this Monday

As previewed by Spanish newspapers, Kylian Mbappé is in Madrid on Monday, with several teammates from Paris Saint-Germain. The presence of other PSG players makes the reasons for this trip even more doubtful.

Choosing a goal to spend your day will inevitably make people talk. Reported by Cobb chain, RMC Sport Confirmation Information, Kylian Mbappé made the trip to Madrid on Monday. Ashraf Hakimi, who is very close to the striker, French player and former Real Madrid player, was seen in the restaurant with several PSG teammates. According to our information, they had lunch at Lena Madrid in Hyatt Regency.

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While Mbappé’s future is at the center of conversations, this short stay in the Spanish capital, he was sent to persuade for several months, inevitably calls. However, the presence of some of his teammates and the fact that he did not seek to be completely intelligent cast doubt on the reasons for this move. Coincidentally (or not?), Nasser al-Khalafi was in the Spanish capital on Monday at the same time as Kylian Mbabane. According to our information, he made the trip as part of his duties at the European Club Association, ECA, of which he is president.

Two months after his contract expired, no choice was made

At the end of the contract on June 30, Mbappé has less than two months to formalize its intention for the future. At present, no option can be ruled out. “He opened the door for an extension, he offers the opportunity to offer something compatible with PSG, Jerome Rodney revealed at the RMC on Friday. If nothing has changed, his logic is to leave, and according to a member of the Dream Team RMC Sport, a meeting was arranged this week between the Mbappé clan and Real Madrid.

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On Thursday, his mother, Faiza Lamari, publicly denied reports from Paris that he was on the lookout for an extension to PSG. “Paris Saint-Germain (or any other club) have no policy agreement, the world champion’s mother promised at the end of the day on Twitter on Thursday.