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MDB President Balea Rossi calls on Bolsonaro to veto the absurdity of the USP-Saúde vaccine budget

Brasilia – MDB President, Deputy Russian whale (SP), classified as “ridiculous” cutting resources for use in developing Vaccine against Covid-19 “100% Brazilian” Announced before Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Last month. Upon approval of the 2021 budget, President Jair Bolsonaro objected to R $ 200 million on the project.

Palea from Ribeirao Preto, the main electoral college, where the vaccine will be developed. In March, Palazzo Planalto insisted on unveiling the federally backed Brazilian vaccine, which had been developed by scientists from Ribeirao Preto College of Medicine, University of São Paulo (USP), He was advancing. The announcement came hours after the São Paulo government announced that it would request approval to start clinical trials Botanvac, developed by the Botantan InstituteAssociated with the government of São Paulo.

Balea wrote on Twitter on Sunday, 25, “ABSURD. There is no other word for this mistake by the current government. We will do our best to override this veto.” Commentary on broadcast / Estadão report on veto.

Science Minister Marcus Pontes, He described the cut in his file as “harm” and said it could not “turn on and off” searches, live on social networks held on Saturday, 24. “Yesterday (Friday 23) It has been a very busy day in Brasilia, with the 2021 budget released with a long delay, we are already in April. We’re both working on next year’s budget, and seeing what we’re going to do with this year’s budget, with damage, we’ll call it that. The minister stressed that this budget was indeed very compressed. ”

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The economic team has set itself up to speed up vaccination as a necessary condition for the resumption of economic activity. Recently, the government has diversified contracts with private laboratories to expand the acquisition of vaccines.

However, on this Saturday, the Ministry of Health Updated forecast schedule for vaccine delivery for Brazil, with 22.55% less doses to be received in this first semester compared to a previous estimate by Eduardo Pazuello Administration. If you’re only considering the calendar review for May, the drop is 31%.

Russian data Sputnik f And yes Indiana KovaxinImmunity has not yet been approved before National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), They were excluded from this new version, as they did not have permission to use in the country. Previously, the government expected 10 million doses of Russian vaccinations and 20 million doses from Indians, with batches arriving in Brazil from March to June.

Despite the pandemic and the race over the vaccine, the Ministry of Health has also suffered cuts. R $ 2.2 billion has been banned, divided into several programs, which include the adaptation of technological systems, research and development procedures, maintenance of laboratory services, pharmaceutical assistance and even the construction of a regional headquarters in the city. Fucruz.