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Polskie siatkarki pokonały w bułgarskim Płowdiw Hiszpanię 3:0 (25:15, 25:15, 25:8) w swoim czwartym meczu grupy B mistrzostw Europy. To czwarte zwycięstwo podopiecznych Jacka Nawrockiego, które w środę na zakończenie fazy grupowej zmierzą się z Bułgarią.

ME Volleyball Players: Knock It Out! Fourth victory for Polish women

Polish volleyball players beat Spain 3-0 in the fourth match of Group B of the European Championship in Bulgaria (25:15, 25:15, 25: 8). This is the fourth victory for Jacek Navroki’s side, who face Bulgaria in the group stage on Wednesday.

Two years ago, the Polish women in Edita met the Spanish players in the 1/8 finals and probably won 3-0. The white and red team repeated this decision, but still in excellent style. The young team from the Iberian Peninsula seems to be in the sphere of dreams of promotion to the next round.

As in Saturday, in the fight against the Checkers Malvina Smerzek-Codec Magdalena replaces Sticiak. This time the attacker, who will play for the Locomotive Kaliningrad team next season, was unstoppable by his rivals and finished 9th out of 12 in the Premier Set. Stacyak, the most talented player in the representation, was able to easily observe the actions of his friends from the square for the disabled this time.

The Spaniards had difficulties in accepting service and major difficulties in ending the attack. Nowroki can already call in substitutes in the middle of the first game. In the championship Martina Syrnyaska scored her first point in a moment of introduction on the court. The 17-year-old finished the meet with substantial achievements -12 points.

The second installment was almost identical. The Polish women did not lose their concentration, on the contrary, they fought with dedication to every ball. Smarzek-Kodek continued to maintain a high level of performance, and the coach of the Polish team offered a chance to other volleyball players, including another newcomer, Monica Feducio. It was already 20: 8 after the Smerzek-Kotek attack and the Polish captain could rest for a few minutes.

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In the third game, the match was still one-sided, and the white and red revealed a rare record. 9: 6 They lost two points until the end of the first set. The game of the Polish team was very fun and easy. During the break requested by Spanish coach Pascual Sauer, Sticiak played the role of Navroki and jokingly commented to his friends. At the end of the game, the Polish women scored a series of points, with Smarzek-Kodek scoring the last point of the game, stopping the attack of Carolina Camino Fernandez.

Polish women are one step away from winning Group B. Even the slightest defeat (2: 3) with the Bulgarians was enough to get them first place. In the last match of the first round to be held on Wednesday. They will then be added to the fourth team from Group D in the 1/8 finals.

In another Group B match on Monday, the Czech Republic beat Greece 3-0 (26:24, 28:26, 25:15).

Poland – Spain 3: 0 (25:15, 25:15, 25: 8)

Poland: Katarzyna Wenerska, Klaudia Alagierska, Zuzanna Efimienko-Młotkowska, Zuzanna Górecka, Martyna Łukasik, Malwina Smarzek-Godek, Maria Stenzel (libero) -Monica Jagaa (libero), Martyna Maraa Curr,

Spain: Maria Alejandra Alvarez, Lucrezia Costellano, Lucia Varela Gomez, Maria Segura Ballores, Ana Escamilla, Rahul Montero, Alba Sanchez (Libero) – Elijah Rodriguez Villanova, Corolina