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Measures against dengue will be carried out in Santa Maria on Thursday and Friday

Measures against dengue will be carried out in Santa Maria on Thursday and Friday

Santa Maria will host an event to combat the mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever, Thursday (18) and Friday (19). The initiative, coordinated by the Ministry of Health of the Federal District (SES-DF), will be located in blocks CL 207/307, CL 208/308, QR 207/307 and QR 208/308 of the Administrative Region (RA).

Joint action to combat Aedes aegypti includes household visits and debris collection in Santa Maria | Photography: Brenno Isaki/Agência Saúde-DF

Proceedings will begin at 8 a.m. The city regional administration will collect garbage from the streets and check irregular disposal of waste in front of homes and businesses in the blocks with the aim of reducing mosquito breeding sites.

Professionals from the Basic Health Unit (UBS) 1 will in turn conduct door-to-door home visits, providing guidance to residents on dengue prevention and environmental management of unusable items, which must be placed outside institutions. Later date (22), it will be collected by the administration and the Urban Cleaning Service (SLU).

Environmental monitoring personnel will also visit the sites. The goal is to provide guidance and identify potential breeding sites for them Aedes aegypti. Inside homes, if necessary, tablets will be placed that dissolve in water and contain a microorganism known as BTI, capable of killing mosquito larvae.

The Task Force will be held in Courts CL 207/307, CL 208/308, QR 207/307 and QR 208/308 this Thursday (18) and Friday (19) | Photo: Sandro Araujo/Agência Saúde-DF

‌‌For UBS 1 Director in Santa Maria, Joelma Batista, this week's actions are aimed not only at identifying hotspots of dengue transmission, but also at educating and alerting the community about disease control measures.

“We have mobilized the entire UBS 1, in all categories. There will be medical, nursing, administrative, pharmacy, psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and radiology staff, all focused on preventing and treating cases of the disease in the area.

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Other actions in DF

This Thursday (19), there will also be environmental management actions – with house inspection by environmental monitoring agents and collection of unusable materials by the regional administration and SLU trucks – in Sector O, Selandia, Building No. 5/7, from 8:30 a.m. And at Villa Planalto, in Galpão Comunitário da Cidade, near UBS 3, from 9 am.

*With information from the Federal District Health Department (SES-DF)