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Measures to combat the Aedes Aegypti mosquito are taking place in the next few days in Brusque

Measures to combat the Aedes Aegypti mosquito are taking place in the next few days in Brusque

The Prosk Department of Health, through the Endemic Diseases Program, continues to work to contain the spread of Aedes aegypti, which transmits diseases such as dengue fever, Zika virus and chikungunya fever. For this purpose, the teams will carry out inspection procedures, spraying insecticides and providing the population with instructions on mosquitoes.

This Thursday, the third, the Souza Cruz neighborhood will receive insecticide sprays at strategic points. The sites were chosen after many mosquito foci were found. The work will be carried out on Augusto Kohler, Daniel Barni, Elias Silva, Pedro Pereira, SC-048 and SC-012 streets. If there is no rain, spraying should start in the morning and extend to the afternoon.

In addition, dealers will conduct inspections and instructions to remove potential debris that could be mosquito breeding areas or gutters and other places with standing water. On Friday, the fourth, the same operation will be carried out in the Santa Teresina district.


The Director of Health Surveillance of Brusque draws attention to residents’ welfare and directs complaints. People can report this over the phone, either via WhatsApp or through calls. (47) 9 88130095, which the difference will be considered. I stress and ask the community to pay attention to mosquito prevention care,” he said.

Measures for the prevention and control of Aedes aegypti:

– Keep barrels, crates, and water barrels with a good lid;
– Wash tanks used for storing water weekly with soap and water;
– Keep water tanks well closed;
Remove twigs and leaves from gutters.
– Do not let water accumulate on the slab;
Fill small vases with sand to the brim or wash them once a week;
Change the water in vases and aquatic plants once a week.
– put garbage in plastic bags in closed bins;
Close the garbage bags well and do not leave them within the reach of animals;
– Keep bottles and glass cans upside down;
Filling tires in covered places;
– Always take care of the maintenance of the swimming pools;
Drain cover.
Put sand on glass shards from walls or cement.
– do not leave the water accumulated on dry leaves and bottle caps;
– Outdoor toilets should be covered and checked weekly;
– Always clean the air conditioning case;
– the tarpaulin must always be stretched to cover the building material well so that water does not accumulate;
– Pick up plastic bags and trash from the yard.

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