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Media "conversation" between Georgette and Moravska-Staneka.  "Paul is out"

Media “conversation” between Georgette and Moravska-Staneka. “Paul is out”

A few days ago, “Wprost” announced that Senate Deputy Speaker Gabriel Moravska-Staneka had received an unpleasant phone call from the leader of the left, Votsimiers Georgette. As Senator Moravska-Stanekka’s acquaintance revealed, Charles said he would “shoot” Deputy Marshal because he did not agree with him in media reports.

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On TVN24 Votsimiers was asked if Georgette had said these words. – I have no habit of using aggressive language. I do not use this language, so I repeat that there should be a meeting this week to share ideas about the content of this conversation – said Votsimiers Georgette on the show “Coffee on the Bench”.

Gabriela Moravska-Stanekka: Paul is out

The words of politician Gabriel Morawska-Stanekka were quoted in the air by the same broadcaster a few hours later. – This is not funny. I found out about it (about the crowd – Ed.) From “Coffee on the Bench” – she said.

I don’t know how you can imagine it. I know what happened. I expect concrete action, that’s all. I’m not going to share speeches because the conversation happened. Milk is exhausted. This is not a party dispute. It’s a matter of respect in relationships – insisted Moravska-Stanekka.

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