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Media: Russian intelligence linked to Havana Syndrome

Media: Russian intelligence linked to Havana Syndrome

The three media outlets published their articles on Monday night. There it is claimed that the syndrome may arise from energy weapons carried by members of Unit 29155 of the Russian intelligence service GRU.

The phenomenon known as Havana Syndrome was first reported by several envoys at the US Embassy in the Cuban capital, Havana, in 2016.

Migraine and dizziness

Symptoms include headaches, migraines, dizziness, and memory loss. Some reported hearing loud noises and pressure on the brain.

Later, people who served in many countries, including Western countries such as Austria, reported similar problems.

According to the CBS program 60 minutes The investigation has been ongoing for five years. Retired officer Greg Edgren tells the magazine he is certain Russia was behind the attacks, and that they were part of a global operation to neutralize American service members. Edgren led the Defense Department's investigation into the incidents.

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“It's the Russians, you idiot.”

– If my mother saw what I saw, she would have said, “They are the Russians, you idiot,” says the retired officer.

The channel obtained comments from the White House, among others, on this issue. It states, among other things, that they “continue to emphasize the importance of prioritizing efforts to conduct a broad investigation of the effects and possible causes” of the health problems mentioned.

As well as the German website Der Spiegel and the Russian independent website The insider He has also been involved in working on these issues.