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Medicare is the subject of a video conference at FVS-RCP, this Wednesday (12/15)

Medicare is the subject of a video conference at FVS-RCP, this Wednesday (12/15)

Lecture seeks to improve caution with medical supplies

Photos: Kássio Moraes / FVS-RCP

On Wednesday (15/12) the Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation – Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FVS-RCP) held a virtual conference on the topic “Care with Medicines”. The goal is to train employees of the state’s municipal administrations in the handling, storage and disposal of inputs. The lecture lasted two hours and was attended by about 50 people.

The effectiveness program included the “risks of self-treatment”. “Disposal of Medicines and Pesticides” and “Responsibility in Storage, Distribution and Use of Medicines” was organized by the Department of Strategic Inputs (GIES/FVS-RCP), in partnership with the Regional Council of Pharmacy of the State of Amazonas (CRF/AM).

FVS-RCP Chair Tatiana Amorim stresses that this topic is of great importance in health monitoring.

“The FVS-RCP is holding this event in order to guide professionals working in this field, so that they develop the best possible practice in storage and handling of care, preventing medicines from being lost or the storage form from damaging these products,” stresses Tatiana.

According to GIES/FVS-RCP Director Eurenice Neves Lima, this is the last meeting of the year with participants in the field of strategic inputs at Amazonas.

“We share information about medication use and care; the risks of self-medication and primarily when taking them out are a big problem for the environment and we want to warn to avoid the risks,” Jornich explains.

Devisa/FVS-RCP Health Services Director and speaker at the event, Marco Pinto, highlighted the importance of proper medication disposal and packaging.

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In the lecture, we dealt with the disposal of pesticides and medicine packages in three areas: the responsibility of the waste generator; joint responsibility, when someone supplies and produces the product; and reverse logistics, when the product is sent back to its original route”, emphasizes Marco.

Reference – FVS-RCP is responsible for the health monitoring of Amazonas, which includes the planning, coordination, supervision and implementation of activities related to the management of strategic inputs, carried out by the Department of Strategic Inputs (Gies / FVS-RCP).

The institution is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, at Avenida Torquato Tapajós, 4010, Colônia Santo Antônio, Manaus. The telephone contacts for the FVS-RCP are (92) 2129-2500 and 2129-2502.