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Meio & Mensagem launches its first series about the gaming industry

Meio & Mensagem launches its first series about the gaming industry

Amanda Schneider
November 21, 2023 – 5:18 pm

The gaming market is gaining increasing popularity in the global entertainment industry. It is already more profitable than the film and music industries combined, for example, and the trend is growing. According to data from consulting firm Newzoo, this gaming ecosystem is expected to generate revenues of US$187.7 billion worldwide this year, and reach US$212.4 billion in 2026.

From the left. To say that. The special featured Anna Erthal, Bruna Pastorini, Cynthia Rodriguez, José Lela, Mah Lopez and Natalia Arantes.

This billion-dollar ecosystem has many layers, from professional gamers, streamers, broadcasts, sponsorships and brands, to everyday players, influencers and new behaviours.

Over three episodes: the development of the industry in Brazil and around the world; The role of influencers on players; And the enduring relationship between brands and the industry, the gaming and e-sports series, presented by Meio & Mensagem, will address the specificities and potential of this market. It will be available on the major podcast aggregators, Meio and Messagem platforms starting Tuesday 21 November.

In the first episode, Professor and Coordinator of the ESPM Rio Research Center, Anna Erthal, and Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at Riot Games Brasil, Natalia Arantes, analyze how the industry got to the level it is today, and what the trends are for this promising future.

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In the second episode, Program Director and Partner at Druid Creative Gaming, Bruna Pastorini and Maura Gabriela, broadcaster and streamer, known as Maah Lopez, address the professionalization of the sector, which includes different types of professionals such as influencers, streamers, and pros. -Players and presenters.

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Finally, the third episode invites Cynthia Rodriguez, Chief Commercial Officer at GMD, and José Mauricio Lilla, Head of Communications at Bradesco, to discuss the brands’ long-term relationship with the gaming industry and analyze their mistakes and successes.