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Mel Jordau believes he received a 'message' from his mother in Dubai: 'Big coincidence'

Mel Jordau believes he received a ‘message’ from his mother in Dubai: ‘Big coincidence’

Jordan honey She is vacationing in Dubai with her sister and niece, on her first trip without her two-year-old daughter, Penelope. This Friday, March 11th, resort to Stories is yours Instagram page To say an episode I left “with a warm heart”.

“Two nights ago we went to dinner at Tulum, a restaurant right in front of the fountains where the fountain show is. At the last show, I was playing a song I don’t know who it is, it’s very old, but it brings me good memories. I remember listening to it a lot. I closed my eyes and I I think of my mother, and he resumes our last conversation and I hope you are with me at that moment. My sister was also very calm and I know we were thinking the same thing. When our mother left, one of the things we did was shoot a bunch of white balloons.”counting.

“Having thought about her a lot, after asking her to be with me often, I will share with you what happened. For me, it was a great coincidence, but what happened was so beautiful and warmed my heart so much, because I thought it very unlikely.”I showed.

then comrade Diogo Bisara He shared a moment’s video and wrote: “At that very moment a balloon passes. For me, it is clear that life tells me that our mother will always be with us”.

“We think of the mother and this balloon goes by, I think in a way that tells us that, no matter if she is no longer physically among us, she will always be alive in our hearts and every moment of our lives she will spend with us too.”is done.

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“message received”Been completed.

Mel Gordo reminds her mother when sharing her daughter’s birthday party: ‘You were in me as you always will be’

Remember that Mel Jordaw’s mother passed away in October of last year. Yvonne Adriano He died at the age of 60 of cancer.