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Melania Trump responds to “rumors”

Melania Trump responds to “rumors”

While there has been a storm surrounding former President Donald Trump, in recent weeks his wife has kept a very low profile.

Now Melania Trump is breaking her silence.

It happens in two messages posted on Twitter From her official office, where she opposes what appears to be misleading media coverage of her.

In recent weeks, many media outlets have made assumptions about the former first lady’s position on personal, professional, and political issues. In these articles, anonymous sources are cited to strengthen the author’s claims, as he reads the first letter.

We ask readers to exercise caution and discretion when forming an opinion about whether or not stories about the former first lady are true, especially when they fail to cite Mrs. Trump as a source of information.

Former President Donald Trump spoke in Florida after his court appearance. Video: Reuters.
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encrypted messages

It’s not entirely clear what media or stories the office is referring to.

Nor do the letters answer what “everyone” is now wondering: how she reacted to the indictment against her husband.

Donald Trump is the first former US president to be charged in a criminal case. The 34 points in it The 16-page indictment Refers to attempts to cover up other crimes, and mainly applies to account fraud, including by improperly accounting for the payment of so-called hush money to two women and a doorman at Trump Tower in New York.

Melania Trump was absent when he flew to New York for the court hearing, nor was she at a press conference he held afterwards in Mar-a-Lago.

There, the former president thanked his sons, but did not mention a word to his wife.

Reveals: – Nobody knows

Ex-girlfriend: – She’s angry

Melania’s ex-best friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff told him Page six She is convinced that Melania’s absence during Trump’s Mar-a-Lago speech was nothing but accidental.

– I didn’t expect to see her there. Her silence is deliberate. “It’s her weapon of choice and her protective shield,” Wolkoff told the website.

Raise the eyebrows: In recent days, excited Twitter users are convinced that former US President Donald Trump has hired a replacement for Melania Trump. Video: AP
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However, she does not think that this will make her leave Trump.

– Of course she knows about Donald’s affairs. She knows everything. But her silence is her dignity. She will stand by her husband, as always. “I don’t think Melania is humiliated by his affairs, but she is furious,” Wolkoff said.

As mentioned, it is not clear if these statements are among the allegations to which the former first lady responded. Page Six in the article confirms that they tried to get both Donald and Melania Trump to talk — to no avail.

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