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Melania Trump: - Surprises with a new launch

Melania Trump: – Surprises with a new launch

Now it’s been nearly a year Joe Biden (78) took over as President of the United States from Donald Trump (75). The latter has probably been seen and heard of many times since then.

his wife, Melania Trump (51)However, something less has been observed. In fact, it was For a long time it sank into the ground.

I pretty much avoided the spotlight, and It only appeared intermittently While traveling between Florida, New Jersey and New York.

In addition, she was also seen at the Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago club, where she and her husband have been living since they left the White House.

However, in one of her first public appearances after her time in the White House, she made a surprising new start. It’s reports CNN.

Going Viral: Melania and Donald Trump’s relationship has been a major topic of discussion lately, and rumors of a limp marriage haven’t diminished after this clip went viral. Reporter: Björg Dahl Johansen. Video: Ap / NTB / Twitter
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Tokens must be sold

The 51-year-old has launched a new set of NFTs, which includes a palette for her eyes.

According to a press release, the NFTs will be posted regularly on their website and at an auction scheduled for January. There will also be the possibility to purchase digital artwork, physical artwork, and a unique accessory.

NFT is an acronym for “non-fungible tokens”, and it is also called digital art. In short, there are unique data devices stored on the Blockchain, which are now on the verge of revolutionizing the art world. Tokens are proof of ownership and are used as digital assets in art, music, games, sports, and more.

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According to Melania’s statement, part of the income from the sale will go to charity for children in nurseries, as well as the development of computer science and technology.

Decorations: First Lady of the United States Melania Trump reviews Christmas decorations at the White House. Video: The White House
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Seeing Melania

On Thursday morning, the former first lady posted a tweet in which, according to People magazine, she wrote the following:

I’m excited about the new launch, which combines my passion for art with my commitment to helping our nation’s children achieve their uniquely American dream.

The first 51-year-old NFT is already on sale, with a price tag of about 200 USD – about 1,800 NOK. It is a watercolor of her eyes drawn by artist Marc Antoine Colonne. It has been dubbed “Melania’s Vision”.

TABBE: The outgoing first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, is under fire after her visit to Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. Image: Associated Press

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The artwork is available in a limited edition and comes with an audio recording of Melania delivering a “message of hope.”

The audio recording included a clip of her saying:

“My vision is: to look forward with inspiration, strength and courage.”