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Memories have arrived on Instagram!  Like, or hate?

Memories have arrived on Instagram! Like, or hate?

Instagram is trying exactly what Facebook has tried to do in the past, by putting in front of you a few posts that have had some success on your profile, whether they’re from Story or your feed. This is something that’s been incredibly successful on Facebook, but I honestly never liked it.

After all, it’s not always a good idea to see what we’ve been posting in the past within these social networks. Either because we are no longer the person we once were, or because we will see things that we no longer want to see. (Can you imagine looking at pictures with people who are no longer in your life, like ex-girlfriends or ex-wives?)

However, this is the bet of the “new” Instagram, to get users to share things that are important to them again, whether new or old.

Memories have arrived on Instagram! Like, or hate?

So Memories was something that helped Facebook regain some of its fame, and now they seem to be coming down to Instagram for not letting it go on a downward trend, which no doubt seems to be happening, with TikTok gaining more traction in the realm of social networking.

However, the feature is automatic, and just like on Facebook, it’s only shared if you want to. If you don’t want any of this to appear, it’s simple, go to Archive (in the app’s settings), and delete your history.

Why this feature on Instagram?

Well, the Instagram numbers aren’t bad, as the platform is growing in ‘Reels’. However, the truth is that users are more and more interested in videos, less and less with photos, stories, etc… Therefore, this “novelty” can serve to give new life to this part of the application.

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After all, fewer users post daily updates, whether on Facebook or Instagram. By the way, the use of IG stories dropped by 10% at the beginning of 2023. This is exactly why memories, or “what did you do today!” , now on this social network, to try to motivate millions of people to come back and share the little things from your personal life.