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MEO, NOS, Vodafone or Nowo?  Any operator with the best services and prices

MEO, NOS, Vodafone or Nowo? Any operator with the best services and prices

Nowo is the operator that offers the cheapest telecommunication packages in Portugal. If price is the only criterion to consider when contracting a new service, consumers will be able to choose Nowo, according to ComparaJá’s Telec Barometer 4th Edition.

Based on data from users of this platform’s comparison tool, the scale aims to depict market trends for packages available in the national market, resulting in telecom awards. This year, this initiative awards awards in six categories.

Prizes are awarded after analyzing the four operators available in Portugal: Nos, Vodafone, Meo and Nowo. The latter ended up winning in one of the new categories this year, intended for the most economical package.

Nos, in turn, has the best offer in the 3P category, referring to packages with three products (TV, Internet and landline). The operator maintains the victory already achieved last year, assuring that it will be the best option for those who do not need to include a mobile phone in the communications package.

Meo offers the best offer in the 4P category, which includes TV, Internet, landline and mobile. It’s also the second year in a row that Meo has had the best four-pack of products.

Consumer brand Altice Portugal stands out in another category of new competition, by offering players the best package. This prize is justified by betting on the speed of the Internet.

As for Vodafone, ComparaJá revealed that they have the best packages for movie/series fans and for sports fans, ranking first in two categories.

According to João Morgado, Director of ComparaJá, there is an increase in the diversity of telecommunications packages in Portugal, to respond to different consumer needs.

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Discover the most competitive packages for 2021

The most competitive 3P package

In 3 – 180 channels + 500 Mbps from NOS, with a monthly fee of 40.99 euros.

The most competitive 4P package

M4 TV Net Voz Mobile – 200 channels + net 500Mbps + 10GB mobile from MEO, with a monthly fee of 58.99 euros.

Best package for sports lovers

Fiber 4 Gold TV Net Mobile Voice – 170 channels + 500 Mbps net + 1 GB mobile from Vodafone. Includes 12 sports channels at no additional cost (A Bola TV, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Fight Network, Nautical Channel, FightBox, Fast & Fun Box, Fuel TV, Sport TV +, Sporting TV, Insight TV, Channel 11) and access to solutions Featured in this category (Benfica TV, PFC, Sport TV, Eleven Sports and GymBoco). The monthly fee for this package is 56.90 € (without premium channels).

Best package for fans of movies and series

Viber 4 Gold TV Net Sawt Mobile – 170 channels + Net 500 Mbps + Mobile 1 GB from Vodafone, which offers 13 movie and series channels at no additional cost (AMC, AXN, AXN White, AXN Movies, BBC Entertainment, Channel Hollywood and Cinemundo, FOX, FOX Comedy, FOX Crime, FOX Movies, FOX Life, SyFy) – and allows access to a wide range of premium channels at an increasing monthly cost (SET Asia, SET Max, Star Gold, Star Plus, TV CINE Top and TV CINE) Edition, TV CINE Emotion, TV CINE Action, Indie World, Super 8, M CINE, Doc Station and Play Motion).

ComparaJá also highlights the access this bundle provides to Fox+ and streaming services HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

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Best Player Pack

M1 Gaming Net 1 Gbps from Meo. Despite having a slightly higher price than the market average (the most expensive one euro), the internet download speed is 400Mbps. This package costs 39.99 euros.

For the purposes of granting these concessions, ComparaJá.pt has considered only offers with fiber optic technology and an indication of the maximum loyalty period offered by the operators (24 months on Meo, Nos, Vodafone and Nowo), according to the information on their websites until September 15, 2021. Consider promotions for offers due to seasonal promotions. The awarding methodology can be found on the ComparaJá website.