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MEO, Nowo, Vodafone e NOS com quase 5.000 reclamações

MEO, Nowo, Vodafone and NOS with nearly 5,000 complaints

MEO, Nowo, Vodafone, NOS – What is the most in-demand player? When it comes to complaints, the telecom sector is a distinct sector. In addition to the corporate digital structures themselves, today consumers can file complaints on dedicated portals.

The complaints portal analyzed data on complaints registered against telecom operators and detected an increase in the number of complaints in the first quarter.

Between January 1 and May 28, 2021, 4,797 complaints were registered, an increase of 6% over the same period. Among the main causes of complaints are Service failure (35.3%), a Lack of support (26.8%)And the Billing Errors (23.5%) e Contract termination requests (7.5%) These are the main problems that consumers have reported.

MEO is the most requested operator but ...

MEO is the operator with the highest number of complaints registered (42.4%), followed by NOS (30.8% of complaints), Vodafone (20.8%) and Nowo with 6% of complaints.

MEO, Nowo, Vodafone and NOS with nearly 5,000 complaints

analyzing Satisfaction Index Indicator - The parameter that objectively reflects the performance of brands and entities on the complaints portal, calculated taking into account their activity during the past 12 months, and their interaction with users who have submitted complaints - The analysis reveals that MEO leads the registration process, being the operator most interested in answering and solving problems reported to it, earning a rating of 74.4 out of 100.

Crashes in television service, internet speeds well below contracted values, and night-time traffic formation are other reported examples of complaints hitting the complaints portal.