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MEO bate concorrência no setor das comunicações eletrónicas

MEO outperforms the competition in the electronic communications sector

MEO is a leading company in the electronic communications sector! Electronic communication has never been so important today. The future will be more dependent on these types of technologies and, of course, everything will evolve.

Altice Portugal today disclosed data for the first half of 2021 showing its consolidated market leadership in the electronic communications sector, through the MEO brand.

Recent reports from ANACOM, which refer to electronic communication services in the first half of 2021, have once again reinforced the clear leadership of MEO, the Altice Portugal brand, in all telecom services in Portugal.

MEO - Services Market Share

According to the released data, in the first half of 2021 MEO recorded the following market share:

  • Pay TV channels (40.4%);
  • fixed telephone service (42.0%);
  • mobile services (44.5%);
  • fixed broadband (38.9%);
  • Service packages (40.8%).

MEO continues to lead in fixed-line service (42.0%); in mobile services (44.5%); In fixed broadband (38.9%) and service packages (40.8%).

MEO outperforms the competition in the electronic communications sector

Market leadership joins leadership Worker with fewer complaints. According to the sector regulator, MEO is the operator with the fewest complaints per 1,000 customers. In the second quarter of 2021, MEO had the lowest complaints rate (1.1 per thousand customers), and is also the operator with the largest decrease in complaints (-14%).

Besides the residential sector, the business sector has also consolidated its leadership. In the youth sector, MOCHE maintains a unique position in the market, through its disrespect and diversified offer of products and services. In Digital, SAPO has maintained the trust of Internet users for 26 years, maintaining its clear leadership as the portal of choice for the Portuguese.

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