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MEO renews international partnership with iBASIS and expands it to include 5G mobile services – Executive Summary

MEO renews international partnership with iBASIS and expands it to include 5G mobile services – Executive Summary

MEO, through its Altice Wholesale Solutions business unit, has renewed its international partnership with iBASIS for international voice and mobile data services, which is now being expanded to include international SMS and 5G mobile services.

The two companies are also collaborating to allow iBASIS to open an IPX Point of Presence (PoP) in the MEO Network Centre, an open and neutral hub in the Lisbon metropolitan area, taking advantage of its strategic geographic location between Europe, the Americas or West Africa. It is a center for connecting submarine cables from all continents.

iBASIS is the largest independent international communications company and IPX Tier One provider in over 800 LTE destinations. It currently serves more than 1,000 clients from 28 offices around the world.

“This successful collaboration is the result of our shared focus on innovation and delivering the best communications experience in the world,” said Alexander Freese, Chief Operating Officer at Altice. “We have worked closely with iBASIS for many years, and together we have created strong relationships between different teams to better respond to our operational needs. We intend to continue the growth momentum and ensure fast and reliable service for millions of users as well as enrich their roaming experience with the 5G network.”

In turn, Edwin van Erlande, CEO of iBASIS Voice & Mobile Data, said that the success of the partnership allows “to expand cooperation to provide a full range of global services – voice, data, signaling, SMS and 5G, leveraging our IPX network.” To support its amazing growth.”

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“It is a truly win-win partnership, leveraging our complementary capabilities and know-how to create new revenue opportunities,” highlights Alexandre Pipero, Group CEO and Founder of Tofane Global.

“This partnership with MEO is a great achievement and a clear reflection of our company’s strategic focus and commitment to innovations at the wholesale level to drive international growth for our customers. Furthermore, we are excited about the opportunity to bring iBASIS to the Linda-a-Velha Center, allowing for greater diversity and more connectivity opportunities.” international network.