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MEO, Vodafone and NOS: “A big price increase is coming – and they are already among the highest in Europe”.  Which is why DECO writes a letter (and leaves advice)

MEO, Vodafone and NOS: “A big price increase is coming – and they are already among the highest in Europe”. Which is why DECO writes a letter (and leaves advice)

Deco’s lawyer explains to CNN how the increases announced by telecom operators were calculated (they could be as high as +7.8%) and what consumers should be aware of to protect themselves.

DECO – Associação do Consumidor has already sent a letter to Anacom – Associação Nacional de Comunicações asking for an ‘Overall Regularity Evaluation’ of Lifts Announced by the three largest telecom companies in Portugal – Vodafone, Mio and NOS. “We have some doubts, especially with regard to compliance with deadlines and changes in consumer contracts,” Luis Pesco, a lawyer at Decco, explains to CNN Portugal.

However, regarding the values ​​of the increases, unfortunately, Al-Faqih says that there is not much that needs to be done: “I cannot say that it was a surprise. DECO warned that this would happen and we tried in time to legislation Change in order to prevent this situation but that was not possible, “he regrets. Also in October, predicted that this would happen, Anacom Recommended For operators to assess and mitigate the impact of price revisions on families and improve the terms of offer.

The increases were determined according to Consumer price index, which is determined annually by INE – National Institute of Statistics. In general, the fluctuations are minimal, by one or two percentage points. But this year, as expected, the value has increased significantly, ”explains Louis Pesco. That is why all operators are preparing to increase prices for their products and services by up to 7.8% (confirmed by MEO and Vodafone, NOS has not yet said how much).

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“The telecommunications sector has been severely affected by the current macroeconomic and geopolitical context. This has led, among other effects, to significant increases in energy prices, provision of services and raw materials,” Vodafone explains in the letter it sent to the company. with an explanation of the increase. “These conditions had an impact on the high rate of inflation and the consequent significant increases in operating and management costs for the support network to provide our services.”

“It is a very high overcharge for telecommunications prices, which are already among the highest in Europe,” Luis Pesco affirms. “Even more so at a time when consumers are going through a very complex phase, with other increases, such as housing loans.” “The increases are here to stay, even if the index drops next year, there is no going back,” he warns.

What should consumers do?

– The first thing you need to do is go back to your contract and confirm whether, in fact, it contains the clause stating that updates can be made according to the CPI INE. Not all contracts contain this clause, and if they do not, the increase may be irregular.

– If your contract provides for a monthly fee of a fixed amount for a certain period (say, 24 months), which is considered loyalty, then there is the possibility of questioning the legality of the increase. This is one of the doubts raised by Deco, who argues that increases in contract renegotiation time should be applied.

– request personal contact from the operator with specific information about the amount of the increase and the final amount to be paid: “It is not enough to inform that there will be an increase, it is not enough to send a link to the tariff.” It is not the consumer who does calculations or consults on tariffs, which is always bewildering. It is up to the operator to provide accurate information on the final amount to be paid,” Luis Pescoe explains.

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– Confirm the date you were notified of the change: Notice must be given 30 days in advance. Deco has doubts, for example, that Meo and Nos, which announced increases from February 1, have met the deadline.

– Check if the proposal is an update (based on the INE CPI) or a contract modification – these are different things, and in the case of a modification, the consumer should always have the opportunity to terminate the contract.

– If you are unemployed, long-term ill, or an immigrant can cancel The contract with the telecom operator. Consult terms in Location from anacom.

– Families with low incomes or people with special social needs can apply for it Social internet tariff. Consult terms in Location from anacom.

– If in doubt, ask deco.

– If you think your case is irregular, you can file a complaint with Anacom– The National Telecommunications Authority.