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MEO with an annual tariff of €30 "only"

MEO with an annual tariff of €30 “only”

5G is about to become a reality in Portugal for end customers. After more than 200 days of auctioning and agreeing to allocate the rights to use frequencies in the 5G auction, everything is ready to start owning a 5G network in our devices.

The MEO operator already has a tariff and is on sale! Anyone who wants to enjoy it has to pay only 30 euros a year instead of 60 euros.

Reduced MEO tariff...

The 5G Network Auction is now over! After 200 days, the main bidding phase is finally over. The total amount reached 566.802 million euros and 58 disputed lots were awarded to six operators: Nos, Meo, Vodafone, Nowo, Dense Air and Dixarobil. 5G will allow 10 times faster speeds than 4G using the same amount of data.

On the MEO website, we have already found a file Interesting definitionFor 30 euros "only". To subscribe to this tariff, as mentioned on the website, simply send an SMS from your 5G MEO mobile phone to 12355 with the 5GMAX text. Then just follow the instructions to complete the membership. Obviously, this is a tariff that must be added to the customer's existing tariff.

With 5G, you are guaranteed faster connections! Downloads in seconds, play with friends without delay, stream without waiting. All this and more anywhere. The 5G network responds in milliseconds and will open up new worlds.

This is a network that is able to provide high-quality Internet and voice even in the most crowded areas and situations. Because participation does not choose times or places.

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