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Mercadona has opened another store (and plans to open three more in 2021)

Mercadona has opened another store (and plans to open three more in 2021)

a Mercadona announced on Tuesday the opening of its 26th supermarket in the national territory, this time in Villa de Conde. This new store, the group’s first in town, created about 65 jobs “on permanent contracts from day one”. The expansion plan anticipates the opening of three more supermarkets by the end of the year.

This new store has an area of ​​1,900 square meters, with 166 parking spaces and two electric vehicle charging areas.

“This is the 26th Mercadona store in Portugal and we cannot be satisfied with the receptivity of the villagers, who will be able to find in this new store the highest quality and best price aerospace products. With this new store, we have established 65 new service stations. We worked and rehabilitated all the surrounding areas to provide local residents with better conditions to reach this area of ​​the city”, confirms Joanna Ribeiro, Regional Director of External Relations of Mercadona in Porto Province, citing the statement that Minute News He has access.

The Spanish company plans to open three new supermarkets this year, according to its expansion plan.

The next opening is scheduled for November 11 in Villegeras in the Porto region.

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