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Mercadona is opening another store and we reveal its location

Mercadona is opening another store and we reveal its location

Mercadona, a supermarket company, opened the chain's first store in the region today in Guarda, located on Avenida de São Miguel. With this opening, the first of 11 stores it plans to open this year, the company also reaches the number of 50 supermarkets in Portugal. This store was created 75 new job opportunitiesStable and quality, with contracts open from day one, contributing to the creation of local job opportunities.

With a sales area of ​​1900 square meterstwo, like other supermarkets in the chain, has a butcher's department, fishmonger, delicatessen, patisserie and bakery, perfumery, home and pet care, fruit and vegetable, wine cellar, ready-to-eat sections with self-service and a variety of dishes prepared for take-out. Or eat in the store in a designated area for this purpose. Furthermore, “bosses” (customers) can also be relied upon. Sushi Wall, where you can also find a wide range of ready-to-eat Asian dishesFreshly packed knife-cut ham, a fresh-squeezed orange juice machine, and lightweight, convenient, coin-free shopping carts.

It includes 140 parking spaces and two other places for charging electric cars, in line with the company's commitment to electric mobility. Furthermore, Mercadona also invests in renewable energy, specifically by installing solar panels in supermarkets. This is the case of this store, in Guarda, where it is located 428 solar panels. By generating renewable energy from photovoltaic cells on store rooftops for self-consumption, the company improves environmental behavior and Saves about 20% of electricity annually.

All Mercadona stores in Portugal are built according to the efficient store model that is gradually being implemented throughout the chain, with wide aisles, energy savings of up to 40% compared to a traditional store, and a double entrance that avoids drafts and has its own distinctive characteristics. Accessibility and comfort, more sustainable cooling systems, improved insulation in cold furniture, LED lighting, and intelligent management of energy consumption.

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As part of its corporate social responsibility policy, and as one of the main measures to prevent food waste in Mercadona, this supermarket will daily, from day one, donate basic necessities to the Training, Assistance and Development Center of Guarda, a local community centre. Solidarity Foundation, with which Mercadona signed a cooperation protocol.