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Mercadona opened a supermarket in Tapada das Mercês

Mercadona opened a supermarket in Tapada das Mercês

Mercadona, a supermarket company, opened its Tapada das Mercês supermarket, at Miguel Torga Street No. 10, this Thursday. It is the 46th store in Portugal and the second of the Spanish chain in the municipality of Sintra, creating another 90 new jobs.Stable and quality, with contracts open from day one.

The opening of this supermarket reflects Mercadona’s commitment to its expansion plan in Portugal, where the company owns a total of 46 stores, of which to date, 4 are located in the Lisbon region.

The new supermarket has created 90 new, stable, high-quality jobs, with open contracts from day one, contributing to the creation of local job opportunities.

Sales area: 1,900 m2two Divided between butcher, fishmonger, delicatessen, patisserie and bakery, perfumery, home and pet care, fruit and vegetable, wine cellar, ready-to-eat sections with self-service and numerous options of dishes prepared for take-out or take-out in-store, in a purpose-built area. .

In addition, the “Boss” (customers) can also count on a sushi mural, knife-cut pork and packed to order, a fresh orange juice machine, and lightweight, convenient and coin-free shopping carts.

Executive Director of the Algherao Parish Council Mim Martins, representative of the Sintra Chamber and responsible for Mercadona

“We currently have a greater diversity of offerings for our residents in this area, and we know that people are naturally grateful for access to this diversity.”Valter Januário, President of the Algerão Mim Martins Parish Council, said on the occasion, adding that “Mercadona offers a different concept from what we are used to in terms of supermarkets and what we see today, on the opening day, the membership is being completely positive.”

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“With this new store, we have also contributed to increased local employment opportunities, creating 90 stable, high-quality jobs.” – Anna Carreto

“We are very happy to open this new supermarket in Tapada das Mercês, the second Mercadona store in the municipality of Sintra, thus continuing our commitment to be closer to the ‘President’ than ever before.” (Customers) in turn, Anna Carreto, Director of the Center for External Relations in Southern Portugal and Consumer Associations, highlighted that “With this new store, we have also contributed to increased local employment opportunities, creating 90 stable, high-quality jobs.”

“Mercadona offers a different concept from what we are used to in terms of supermarkets and what we see today, on opening day, the commitment is very positive.” – Valter Januario

This store in Tapada das Mercês features 219 parking spaces and two additional electric vehicle charging spaces, in line with the company’s commitment to electric mobility.

Remember that all Mercadona stores in Portugal are built according to the efficient store model that is gradually being implemented throughout the chain, with wide aisles, energy savings of up to 40% compared to a traditional store, a double glazed entrance, which prevents drafts, more sustainable cooling systems, Improved insulation in cold furniture, LED lighting and intelligent energy consumption management.

Mercadona signed a cooperation protocol with Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Sintra (SCMS)

It should be noted that within the scope of its corporate social responsibility policy, and as one of the main measures to prevent food waste in Mercadona, this supermarket will daily, from day one, donate basic necessities to Santa Casa da Misericordia in Sintra, A local social solidarity institution with which Mercadona signed a cooperation protocol.

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The donations made by Mercadona will, above all, strengthen the distribution of food to hundreds of families in situations of social vulnerability, with the support of the Foundation.

Mercadona in Portugal

The company opened its first supermarket on July 2, 2019, in Canedillo, Vila Nova de Gaia, and currently has 46 stores in the areas of Porto, Braga, Aveiro, Viana do Castelo, Setubal, Santarém, Viseu, Leiria, Lisbon and Coimbra. .

With the opening of 10 stores in 2022, Mercadona has reached a turnover of €737 million and contributed €93 million in taxes through the Portuguese company Irma Dona Supermercados, headquartered in Vila Nova de Gaia. Furthermore, it ended the year with a team of 3,500 employees and an investment of €140 million.

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the opening of the first supermarket in Portugal, in 2019, the Center for Economic and Trade Policy Research at the University of Minho and Ive opened (Valenciano Institute of Economic Studies) Implemented a Economic impact study Which sets the direct contribution to GDP resulting from the cumulative impact of the company’s activity in Portugal at €1,296.8 million and indicates that 55,655 direct, indirect and induced jobs were created between 2019 and 2022. In this same period, the study reveals that Mercadona has already achieved sales across the entire production chain worth €4,422 million. The tax revenues accumulated over these four years amount to 726.5 million euros, and regarding the growth impact that Mercadona has on the Portuguese economy, the study reveals that for every euro of revenue generated in its stores, 9 euros are created in the economy; For every job, more than 5 new jobs are created in the country.

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With the aim of sharing with the association a portion of what it receives from it in total in the first half of 2023, Mercadona donated 600 tons of basic goodsThis equates to approximately 10,000 shopping carts, more than 40 social canteens, 8 food banks and other social entities in Portugal.

The company continues to hire and All job offers can be viewed Jobs portal.