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Mercato: At the end of the contract, Paul Pogba left Manchester United

Mercato: At the end of the contract, Paul Pogba left Manchester United

AThe club announced on Wednesday that Paul Pogba, who was disappointed in his Premier League squad, is leaving Manchester United. The 2018 world champion, at the end of his contract, comes out of 2016 with great fanfare, leaving free and sensible. If Paris SG is mentioned, only definite information about its future destination comes from Italy. The press is urging him to return to Juventus Turin, the team where he lived his best years at the club (2012-2016).

The 2018 World Championship between the 29-year-old and the Red Devils will be full of history events and will not be fully fulfilled, with some trophies like the transfer fee (105 million euros) recorded in 2016, Europa League 2017, but injuries, misunderstandings and some whistles.

Back to Juventus?

In a statement, the Red Devils formalized their exit from “Manchester United at the end of June, when his contract expires”. According to the Italian media, Pogba would have agreed to return to Zoo and reduce his salary in order to find the “Old Lady” with whom he won four league titles and played in the Champions League final.

The Gazette Dello Sport The release of a documentary dedicated to him on June 17 prompts the French to use (Pokமெmon) In the Amazon Prime video to formalize its decision.

Through the small door

Meanwhile, departed through the back door for “La Pioche”, a talented but highly random player in the eyes of Manchester United supporters, where the former Le Havre completed his training before starting his career in 2011- 2012. After a massive explosion at the Zoo in 2016 he won gold. Returned.

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Bokba, who suffered a calf injury at the end of April, could not even say goodbye to the public at Old Trafford because his injury ended his season with the club. According to coach Didier Deschamps, at the “recovery stage”, he was not invited to the League of Nations with the Blues in early June.

The last few months in Manchester have been tough for the Frenchman, who was whistled and insulted by a section of the Old Trafford crowd during the match against Norwich, and then injured in his last month contract. “Paul had a complicated season with injuries and results that did not live up to his club’s expectations. He was one of the players who had to change the air and the club,” Deschamps said briefly Saturday.

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Unbreakable in blue

The star of the French environment collapsed at the same time as his club, unable to return to the level of Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City. In his Mancunian record, Pok்பmon have only one league trophy and one Europa League, having won two trophies in 2017. “You have to be honest, it didn’t satisfy me, but it really was,” he said in March. At the interview Figaro.

At the club, he greatly disappointed and annoyed the English supporters, often with mediocre performances, who were far removed from what he had to offer to the French team, and who repeatedly wanted to see nowhere else. Outside the stadium, Spring was robbed during a match, his children at home and his agent Mino Riola died in April.

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But, on the 29th, there was no famine for the palace. Unstoppable on the France squad, Lagny-sur-Marne’s native is expected to make the right choice to fly with a smile on his face this summer, mid-November, heading to Qatar, to be the Blues masters. World Cup. Deschamps is optimistic that Pokmon’s situation will “not be in October.” He warned managers like him, “Compared to the competition at the time, the French team has always been proud of what they were able to do over time. It is a structure, this experience is important, but in a good position.”