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Imagem Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX will be launched in 2022

Mercedes’ race for full electric continues, and the company is clearly heading in the right direction. after, after LAUNCH EQSThere is now another novelty that will have twice the battery of the Tesla Model S.

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that its iconic Vision EQXX will arrive in 2022.

Mercedes Benz cars factory The Stuttgart-based luxury car has just revealed its plan to go all-electric by the end of this decade To kick-start that transition, the company will unveil an EQXX with a range of 1,000 km next year, according to the latest statement. Elon Musk and Tesla engineers certainly have a lot of work to do as the competition in electric cars approaches.

Mercedes aims to deliver high performance, despite its move into an unknown space. With countries set to ban the sale of cars powered by fossil fuels in the near future, Mercedes knows the time to switch to electrification is now and the company makes no secret that it also intends to carve out a niche in the electric car race.

Announcing the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

The company plans to start its ambitious journey with the most efficient futuristic car ever. No record distance will be delivered on a single charge thanks to a larger battery pack. Instead, the company claims it has aerodynamic aerodynamics, along with developing a High Performance (HPP) powertrain to provide a range of about 10 kilometers per kilowatt-hour at normal highway speeds.

The main claim of the prototype, presented at a strategy conference last year, was that it would be able to travel from Beijing to Shanghai - a distance of 1,200 kilometers - on a single charge.

With the largest charging station network of more than 530,000 AC and DC chargers, Mercedes is also partnering with Shell to explore its charging network in Europe, China and North America and provide a seamless charging infrastructure with automatic authentication and payment processing for your customers.

sustainable mercedes image

With more than 40 billion euros invested in this transformation by the end of the decade, Mercedes will launch cars in three classes, 'MB.EA' will focus on luxury passenger cars, and 'AMG.EA' will focus on performance. VAN.EA will offer light commercial vehicles and vans, with electric vehicle options only in select countries.

Among the announcements were the commitment to build eight new battery plants around the world - four of which will be in Europe - and that investment in combustion engines would fall by 80% by 2026, compared to levels indicated in 2019.

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