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Mercedes EQE SUV presented with prices and delivery dates

Mercedes EQE SUV presented with prices and delivery dates

Mercedes has unveiled its first electric sport utility vehicle, the new EQE. We didn’t want to miss the premiere and present to you Highlights This achievement in the brand’s electrification strategy. It’s an electric one with excellent quality, reasonable prices, and a sporty, luxurious touch. An increasingly needed concept.

the first Electric SUV From Mercedes-AMG it was presented as the brand's most versatile model, with its purely electric powertrain geared towards high performance. This new development marks an important milestone in AMG's electrification strategy.

The German brand wants to stand out for the quality of its bodies, interiors and engines capable of delivering high-performance features to the driver. Fast sports cars, with the signature of the legendary AMG and a more affordable model, which are not cheap, but full of comfort, build quality and great taste.

AMG features dominate the interior of this new model, enhancing the brand's style. In addition, it is equipped with a wide range of equipment that enhances its identity:

  • Instrument panel and center strips in ARTICO man-made leather, space gray with NEOTEX grain and red stitching
  • Door center panels and transitions from center console to instrument panel in BLACK MICROCUT with red stitching
  • AMG Performance steering wheel with Nappa leather trim, flat bottom section, perforated knobs on the palm rests, aluminum shift knobs for adjusting the different levels of energy recovery and buttons for setting individually AMG-specific settings
  • AMG sports pedals, AMG floor mats and door sill plates with "AMG" lettering (illuminated, interchangeable outer layer)

The Mercedes-AMG electric sport utility vehicle has a load capacity of 520 to 1,675 liters.

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According to the identity line, the exterior structure also lives up to it: generous proportions, fewer joints between panels, continuous transitions and dynamic proportions, which reinforce its sporty character. In addition, the aerodynamically optimized AMG light-alloy wheels, 21- or 22-inch in size, also stand out.

Technology can not be missed! And Mercedes knows that

Inside, the driver has access to the MBUX Hyperscreen: a large curved glass screen. With adaptive software, MBUX adapts completely to the user and offers customized suggestions for the various infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions.

The Dolby Atmos audio format takes the audio experience in the EQE SUV to a new level, in conjunction with the Burmester 3D surround sound system. The current generation of driver assistance systems includes many driver assistance functions. General standard equipment on the EQE SUV includes Attention Assist, Active Brake Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Parking Package with Reversing Camera, and Cruise Limit Assist. Systems status and activity are displayed in a full screen view on the dashboard.

The "Hello Mercedes" voice assistant has a very high ability to talk and learn by activating online services in the Mercedes me app. In addition, some actions can be performed even without the "Hello Mercedes" voice activation command. Moreover, she explains the functions of the car and, for example, can help when you are asked to explain how to connect a smartphone via bluetooth or where to find a first aid kit.

Mercedes is betting on a worthy drive for a sports car

The electric motors on the front and rear axles are permanent excitation synchronous motors. In a permanently excited synchronous motor, the rotor of the AC motor is equipped with permanent magnets and therefore does not require a power supply. The magnets - and thus the rotor - follow the rotating magnetic field in the stator windings. In the EQE SUV, Mercedes-Benz uses a so-called attraction coil to obtain a particularly strong magnetic field.

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A motor is called synchronous because the rotor rotates at the same speed as the stator's magnetic field. The frequency in the power electronics transducers is set according to the driver's speed requirements. Advantages of this concept include high energy density, high efficiency and high energy stability. The motor on the rear axle is very powerful due to its six stages: it has two coils, each with three phases.

The quality of the EQE SUV's powertrain is sustained high power and excellent acceleration with no loss of power. This includes an advanced thermal concept with some special features.

In addition to all this, the EQE SUV offers several levels of energy return. In this process, the high-voltage battery is charged by converting mechanical rotary motion into electrical energy while decelerating or braking. The driver can manually select the deceleration level (D+, D, D-) as well as the freewheel function using the paddles behind the steering wheel. Also available: DAuto.

The ECO assistant also allows for optimal recovery depending on the situation; Greater or less intense deceleration leads to maximum efficiency of the driving style. The general standard equipment of the EQE SUV with driver assistance systems includes:

  • Attention assistant
  • Active Brake Assist
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist
  • Parking package with reversing camera
  • Speed ​​Limit Assistant

The status and activity of the driver assistance systems are displayed in a full screen display in the instrument cluster.

With EQE from Mercedes-AMG, charging will not be a problem

The advanced charging system is located above the rear axle of the EQE SUV. It can be used to charge the battery via a single-phase or three-phase AC public charging station and has an optional charging power of up to 22 kW.

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Customers are provided with smart home charging stations from national partners in individual markets. For DC fast charging, the model is equipped with a DC fast charging system with a charging power of up to 170 kW.

The EQE SUV offers three charging programs - Standard, Home and Business. In these, parameters such as departure time, climate control and maximum charge level can be preset.


The cheapest version of the EQE SUV (EQE 350+ SUV), with 19-inch wheels and an electric range of 578 km, is available at a base price of €74,748.90 - and for a guide price + VAT of €91,950.

For other higher values, consumers have the EQE 500 4MATIC SUV (84,220.44 euros + VAT), the Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4MATIC SUV (105,602.56 euros + VAT) and the Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC + SUV (117,797.68 euros + value added tax).

The cars can already be ordered and Mercedes intends to start delivering the units by the summer.

Pplware would like to thank Sociedade Comercial C. Santos for the opportunity to identify the vehicles shown.