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Mercedes Mooney is “free” to return to WWE

Mercedes Mooney is “free” to return to WWE

Mercedes Mooney’s future has recently become open, and she could return to NJPW, debut in AEW or return to WWE.

The fighter has been out of action since last May, as she recovers from an ankle injury, but she has already returned to training in the wrestling rings, so her official return may be close.

Mercedes Mooney was present at the All In stands and there was speculation about a competition against Saraya in the future, but that may not happen.

According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, it appears that the plans AEW had for Mercedes Mooney have been scrapped, which could indicate that she will not be heading to Tony Khan’s company.

The same journalist now adds that AEW and Mercedes Mooney were ready to work together by the time she appeared at the big event in London, and were waiting for her injury to recover.

However, these plans were no longer active at the beginning of December, and the two parties now appear to be completely apart. It is not known whether there is a discrepancy in dates, agenda, or finances Booking.

However, this does not mean that the door between Mercedes Money and AEW is closed, but this hypothesis now seems unlikely.

As for NJPW, in November, Rocky Romero was optimistic about seeing Mercedes Mooney back in NJPW and Stardom. However, the fighter does not have a contract with any of the promoters nor with Bushrod.

Therefore, it appears that the “CEO” is legally free and almost physically able to return to WWE if both parties agree.

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Apparently, WWE has yet to discuss the possibility of Sasha Banks returning to the company, but rumors are growing as the Royal Rumble approaches.

Would you like to see Mercedes Mooney return to WWE?