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Mercedes presents MB.OS and reveals the interior design of the new E-Class

Mercedes presents MB.OS and reveals the interior design of the new E-Class

A new operating system, simpler for the driver, will be part of future Mercedes-Benz models.

MB.OS was revealed on Wednesday, and it will launch in the middle of this decade with the new platform Mercedes modular architecture (MMA).

Developed according to a new architecture chip to cloudgives “excellent conditions” for operation Programming developed, explains the German construction worker.

The introduction of MB.OS will be available in the new E-Class to be launched this year with the third generation MBUX, whose interior design will be presented in parallel.

armored vs hackers

MB.OS will enhance the integration of all vehicle functions, while ensuring data privacy against attack hackers.

Infotainment, autonomous driving, chassis, comfort and charging will be the areas you will have access to in the car.

MB.OS is designed to become the powerful operating system for all Mercedes-Benz business activities.

Fully upgradeable for rapid product improvement, and will be standardized across the brand’s model range.

It is open to select partners such as NVIDIA, who provide ProgrammingAnd data and AI skills, as well as your system Oren To improve SAE Levels 2 and 3 semi-autonomous driving systems.

Another partner is Luminar, which will provide the latest sensors such as LiDAR for the most advanced versions of the brand’s range of cars.

Mercedes also announced a new strategic collaboration with Google to develop and implement state-of-the-art navigation systems.

The brand is the first automaker to innovate its navigation experience based on new internal vehicle data and platform capabilities. Google Maps Built into MB.OS.

bundled services

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Mercedes-Benz will also offer new, more personalized services through accounts mercedes me of your customers

To that end, I’ve divided these customizations and their respective updates into three large groups.

a MB. Connect It will combine vehicle functions such as navigation, remote access, 360-degree protection, entertainment, communication and many more, and it can be updated remotely.

like mbMercedes electric drivers will have fixed-price tariffs and priority access to the brand’s network of fast charging stations.

actually MB. Drive It proposes new functions to complement the advanced driver assistance systems in its vehicles.

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