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Meredith Becker and Ken Dugan in their #allseal production videos: "Action Withdrew"

Meredith Becker and Ken Dugan in their #allseal production videos: “Action Withdrew”

Berlin. Actress Meredith Becker (“Toddard”) and her partner Ken Dugen (“Trumpfabric”) have distanced themselves from the video campaign #allesdichtmachen. Becker said in a post on Instagram on Friday that art needs to be asked questions. “But the move backfired.” You will shorten the video. “I apologize that this may have been misunderstood.”

Several actors commented with contradictory-satirical clips about the federal corona policy. In addition to Becker, artists such as John-Joseph Lifers, Ulrich Tukur and Volker Brooch also participated. Several key colleagues responded with horror.

Meredith Becker: Get vaccinated, wear a mask, keep my distance

Becker said he was now vaccinating, wearing a mask, keeping a distance and being tested when interacting with people. That doesn’t make sense. The last thing he wanted was to be instrumental by the right action. “I do not want to be compared to aluminum caps.”

It could be an art campaign. He criticized the fact that a door to the economy is always left open during epidemics. Theaters are closed, but planes are packed. People have to go to work to pursue the industry. It’s also about people dying alone.

“We should have said more about what we really mean,” Becker said. You have revealed it too, you suspect. Questioning artistic freedom or things would have made them participate. “Now it’s on the nose.”


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Art and cultural scene suffers: Now actors are releasing personal statements with contradictory-satirical clips about German corona politics. © dpa

Ken Dugan: “Sorry for any misunderstandings”

Actor Ken Dugan wrote on Instagram that he has distanced himself from right-wing ideas and right-wing ideologies. He is aware of the risk of corona infection.

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He did not want to make fun of the victims or their relatives. “I recommend prudent measures and a vaccination strategy. This move is completely wrong. I apologize for any misunderstandings.”