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Message from Marion Roose after the great victory of the Philippines

Message from Marion Roose after the great victory of the Philippines

Julian Alleppey signed a small number of finalists to win the first leg of the Tour de France in London, New York this Saturday. After giving birth to her first child in mid-June, she withdrew from the race, a victory that sparked the joy of her partner Marion Roose.

It’s hard to dream of a better scene. Rainbow Tunic, Julian Alleppey won the first leg of the Tour de France this Saturday between Brest and Lanternie. The first yellow jersey of this 2021 edition, the Frenchman on the Desinink-Quick Step team will have to wait before celebrating with his partner Marion Roose. As Grande was not on the bike due to maternity leave, the consultant of the French televisions sent a good message to the winner of the day.

“It’s going very well, what a feeling in this incredible first phase. It’s a feeling I can not even describe, the former cyclist and public service consultant rated it. It’s something to have a baby. Hand in hand and come see this. It was something. Didn’t see anything. But it’s a beautiful feeling. “

Direct commentary on the first phase of the Tour de France

Marion Roose: “Nino needs his mother, his father is already far away”

Marion Roose, inspired by her comrade’s attack, admitted that Primos Rocklick was a little scared when he tried to counter-attack with Thaddeus Bogar. But when she saw the two Slovenian riders sitting, she quickly regained her composure.

“I have a new role to play in understanding and learning. Little Nino, who is eleven days old, needs his mother. His father is already far away. This is a special tour for me, but emotionally I listen to feedback from eight o’clock in the morning, and I admire myself,” .

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Alabilippe in “100%”

Marianne Roose, the mother of a boy named Nino since June 14, has chosen to focus on her family life rather than spend three weeks on the roads of France. But that doesn’t stop Julian Alleppey from watching the performance.

“I think he’s 100% of his ability with the attack he made today. Even if it was a final match that suits him. I did not know he could keep the yellow jersey from there for three weeks. He knew nothing, followed the young mother. This first week of his Tour de France He knew it was important for the rest of the team. Raise the general classification while making fun of it.

The profile of this first phase in Brittany was exactly similar to the qualities of Julian Albilip. But the French world champion did not miss the opportunity, despite the fact that he missed some good moments with his toddler.

“We were in the cloud nine for ten days, but there were some minor disappointments, admitted Marion Roose. You should go to the French Championships on Sunday, especially in the evening when you return from the maternity ward on Friday,” he knew Sunday would be useful for the first stage. When you look at the results today, you think it’s worth it. “