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Messenger: Encrypted conversations become more dynamic to compete with Signal and Telegram – Apps

The encrypted conversations you have on Messenger can now take place in a more dynamic environment. This is because Meta decided to give the app themes, custom emojis and reactions.

End-to-end encryption hides your messages from other entities, including Facebook itself. The system also makes it difficult for authorities and hackers to access your digital communications. In WhatsApp the system works by default, while in Instagram it is necessary to activate it in each of the conversations.

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Previously, in Messenger, conversations that took place under encryption could not be customized, Whereas, when the system booted up, all the added “decorations” were gone.

Now you will have too Access all emoji reactions, as well as a custom list of quick reactions. In addition, you will also be able to add group photos to the profile for each chat and see previews for each link received. In the Android version, floating “bubbles” are also available that give you quick access to each conversation.

This news comes at a time when Meta wants to make encrypted conversations the norm. In August 2022, the company started testing the functionality It will now be expanded to more users. For now, most will have to be content with being able to activate end-to-end encryption on all of their chats, in the settings menu of each chat.

The tech giant has committed to integrating encryption into Messenger by default by the end of this year. The goal relates to the company’s intentions to make the messaging service an alternative to apps like Telegram and Signal, whose security features have helped it carve out a prominent position in the sector.

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