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“Messing with my nervous system”

“Messing with my nervous system”

Marcia SoaresTVI commentator, is completely “outraged” by the attitude and behavior of Margarida Castro.

He started to destroy Margarida Castro, but as far as Fabio Cassador was concerned, he left great reviews, even commenting on the David/Gabriel duo.

“Margarida managed to mess with me, with my nervous system. I don’t like her position, because everything she says and what others do, for me, is everything she does. Without dressing or taking off.”He starts by saying.

Big brother.  Marcia Soares destroys Margarida Castro "Chaos with economic and monetary union
Big brother. Marcia Soares destroys Margarida Castro for “messing with the Economic and Monetary Union.”

She goes further, “I think this approach towards Panelo is very dangerous for Panelo, because we have already seen Margarida in other similar situations, very close to Sergio, But he never misses the opportunity to tarnish his image one way or another behind my back, so I think if there is a day that Panelo decides to put a little brake on him, it will turn against him in a very ugly way.

The ending says, that's it, I don't identify with her game, but on the other hand, it would be a bit jarring. I would love for you to stay today to see Margarida, in continuation of this…”

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