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Meta Quest 3 dips into PlayStation VR 2 at a more affordable price

Meta Quest 3 dips into PlayStation VR 2 at a more affordable price

Mark Zuckenberg has revealed the next version of his virtual reality glasses.

Virtual reality headset from Goal (Facebook) You will receive a new model this year. It is the third generation of popular peripherals He stands alonenamed Meta Quest 3 And surprises to receive a more attractive price than Sony PlayStation offer, and PlayStation VR2.

At an event dedicated to virtual reality experiences at the Meta, the Showcasing MetaQuest GamesMeta Quest 3 was the star by introducing itself as a redesigned, sleeker, and thinner one with the promise of being more comfortable than its predecessor.

Starting at $499 – about €465 -, the Meta Quest 3 comes with a 128GB model and will launch at the end of 2023. With this reveal, on June 4th, the current Meta Quest 2 price will drop to $299, which is $100 Less than before for the 128GB model.

The Meta hasn’t opened up about the tech features, so it’s hard to draw big conclusions when comparing it to the Sony PlayStation proposal. In a statement, Meta said the new device’s lenses indicate the highest resolution used in its hardware and that it will take advantage of the next generation of Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm, with which it is collaborating, promising “twice the graphics performance” that the previous generation.

Meta Quest 3 will also feature integrated cameras to deliver a hybrid experience with augmented reality, promising new and exclusive experiences. Touch Plus commands also appear animated using touch sensors.

In addition to its affordable recommended price, one of the great advantages of the Meta Equipment, compared to the PlayStation VR2 and other PC headsets, is that it does not require a second device, console, or PC to use.

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There is no date yet, and you should know about Meta Quest 3 features soon.