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Meta unlocks AI code that turns graphics into animations

Meta unlocks AI code that turns graphics into animations

Meta announced Thursday (13) Open Source Animation Code, an artificial intelligence project that turns graphics into animations, so other developers can create richer experiences with the tool.

The animation was originally created by the Meta Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) team as a web tool for 2021. With it, users can upload a drawing (in human format) and see animation options with the character — such as walking, dancing, or performing funny moves.

Animation is open source

Animator has been launched in a web beta with the goal of training the computational model to create animations from the most different graphics. To do this, Meta asked the user’s permission to use the submitted image in training the AI ​​- but there was no barrier to its use if the user refused the grant.

The expectation, according to Meta, was to collect 10,000 drawings to improve the AI’s performance. However, the response was greater than expected, and within a few months the tool had added more than 1.6 million images given for training.

Interestingly, users were animating other types of graphics, not just human figures as required by the platform. Professional graphics, action figures, images of pets, birds, quadrupeds, and even company logos were sent to the AI.

Users, through social networks and the internal feedback channel, have also expressed their desire for more features and functionality, such as sound effects, backgrounds, and text features. Based on these requests, Meta decided to release an open source version of the animation, allowing other developers to help expand the possibilities and experiences with the tool.

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How to use animation

The animated graphics can be accessed directly through the browser and do not require registration or login to use them.

  1. Open the animation from the site;
  2. Click “Get Started” to get started.
  3. upload a photo via Upload a Photo;
  4. choose whether or not to give permission to use the image to train the AI;
  5. crop the image to frame the drawing only;
  6. fixed the separation between character and background;
  7. adjust the character’s articulation points;
  8. Check out our AI-generated animation options.

The tool provides options to share files in mp4 format to send via email or access link. Also check out some apps for drawing on your cell phone.

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