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Meta will use AI Lenses to transport users into the Metaverse.

Meta will use AI Lenses to transport users into the Metaverse.

a Goal Integration highlighted artificial intelligence In the form of glasses tastyemphasizing its role assistant To help the user in his daily life, while continuing to research this emerging technology and metaverse.

Amnesty International and metaverse she Big bets Long term goal, two Emerging technologies That this year began to intersect 'shaped Affordable products For a large number of people,” as stated on its official website.

Specifically, the level of maturity the company has experienced in both technologies has allowed them to have a “clearer view” of the innovation they consider they have to deliver to users over the next decade.

On the one hand, seek AI still needs to make fundamental progress and discover completely new architectures.

Meanwhile, dedicated meta teams are working in areas like embodied AI, which aims to build models that experience the world in the same way as humans.

with regard to metaverseReality Labs researchers are working on technologies that will make this possible The next computing platform.

So far, their work has allowed them to develop the Quest Pro and Quest 3 “pie” lenses and the Avatars Codec prototype, to create a realistic 3D representation of the user with spatial audio.

Focusing on the current moment highlights the integration of artificial intelligence into smart glasses that, as Meta understands, will become “the main way people interact with machines.”

An example of this is the glasses they are developing with Ray-Ban, whose new generation incorporates a Meta AI assistant that combines language understanding with computer vision to see the world from the user's perspective.

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In this sense, the company is already testing New capabilities artificial intelligence Multimediawhich will allow you to translate a Text language That the user reads or creates an interesting title for a photo they took. This is “hands-free, without having to pick up the phone or launch the app,” they guarantee at Meta.