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Metaverse combines Meta, Microsoft, Sony, Epic Games and Nvidia

Metaverse combines Meta, Microsoft, Sony, Epic Games and Nvidia

A group of technology companies has announced the formation of a coalition to develop the standards needed to further develop the open metaverse.

Tech Alliance was named Metaverse Standards Forum Already among the founding members are names such as Meta, Microsoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Epic Games, Nvidia, Huawei, Qualcomm, Unity and even Adobe. As Reuters notes, absent from this list are Google and Apple, two technology companies with ongoing projects in the field of augmented reality that could also play critical roles in the creation and development of the metaverse.

This group of companies will focus on “hands-on projects” and will have to organize events and work on projects open source To speed up the adoption of this Standards.

Despite the very noticeable absence from this initial list, experts believe that Apple has the right ingredients to become player Crucial in this race to launch augmented reality blends with real life can still join this group until the end of 2022. The company hasn’t even commented on the alliance or the metaverse in this context.

To connect the real world with the virtual one, as planned, Apple will also have to make its contribution in terms of hardwaremaking it a competition to other partners, such as Microsoft.

Video game companies Roblox and Niantic are also not among the names participating in this initial forum.Nor are platforms that can fetch important data about cryptocurrencies in the metaverse, like The Sandbox or Decentraland.

Meta, which we previously knew as Facebook before entering the metaverse tour last year, announced its intentions to “play cards” in this hybrid world later this year and already has Codename for your pivot project: Cambria.

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source: Reuters