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Meteorological Institute |  Now the heat from Europe is spreading to Norway

Meteorological Institute | Now the heat from Europe is spreading to Norway

German, French and Spanish meteorologists warn, and now the hot air is heading north.

OSLO (Nettavisen): Meteorologists in Germany, France and Spain are warning of ultraviolet rays and extreme heat as temperatures are expected to rise again above 30 degrees on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Turkey’s Diyarbakir was the warmest in Europe with a score of 37 degrees, but Granada didn’t lag far behind; 36.3 degrees.

At a large number of stations, it was measured above 30 degrees. Palma de Mallorca, Zaragoza and Nîmes exceeded 35 degrees with a few decimal places.

In Norway, the forecast of the Meteorological Institute shows temperatures of up to 25 degrees during the week, and possibly more, when the intense heat begins from the continent.

Meanwhile, there’s low pressure on the road, so on Wednesday morning meteorologist Eldburg Moxness was careful not to make too many promises:

– It won’t be too hot, and you won’t exactly feel a heat wave, because there’s also changing cloud cover, she tells Nettavisen.

Still, 25 degrees is definitely within reach.

– But she says it probably won’t be 30 degrees.

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Real summer heat

– They have real summer heat in southern Europe now, in Spain with 34 degrees at 14 degrees Celsius. On Thursday, the heat spreads north, and we could get 30 degrees south in Sweden and Denmark, state meteorologist Pernel Purander told Nettavisen on Tuesday.

German DWD is out with “Hitzewarnung” and waits over 30 degrees southwest on Wednesday. At the same time, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is high, especially in the north and north-east.

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In France, Meteo France stated that the first half of June was the second warmest month in the country since measurements began.

Wednesday’s forecast points in the direction of another hot day in France. The temperature is expected to reach 35 degrees in Bourg and Lyon and 34 degrees in Strasbourg and Toulouse.

In Spain, the temperature is expected to rise to 36 degrees, including in Zaragoza in the north-east of the country, according to reports State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

French meteorology It came out and pointed to very high temperatures from the Benelux countries to the Baltic states on Thursday, but it is unclear whether a heat wave is now being experienced in parts of Europe. The definition of a heat wave is that the temperature must be 5 degrees above the normal maximum temperature for five consecutive days.

Rise across the country

And temperatures were expected, Thursday, to rise in both southern and northern Norway, according to what he reported Meteorological Institute:

– In the next few days, the temperature will rise across the country, but in the north you have to be patient as more summer heat is expected, they wrote on Twitter.

Hot air from the continent is expected to affect us fully on Thursday. Trondheim, for example, can expect 23 degrees, Lillehammer and Skene 25 degrees and Oslo a full 25 degrees.

Suggest Friday 26 degrees in Skien.

The weather may be warmer inland in southeastern Norway, state meteorologist Pernel Purander at the Meteorological Institute in Netavisen said on Tuesday.

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– The weekend will be more varied, but hot air is constant, and temperatures can range from 20 to 25 degrees. The precipitation area is expected in western Norway and in Agder, but there may be scattered rain in eastern Norway at night until Friday. Then it will be more in eastern Norway on Saturday, so it can be a mild weekend, says Borander.

– Will it rain sometimes on the weekend?

– It’ll probably be perfectly even, at least on Saturday. Then the precipitation will move gradually at night north to Sunday and Sunday morning. Then the weather will be a little more pleasant and the sun Østafjells. Next week, forecasts start to differ slightly. The meteorologist says it largely depends on where the high pressure is.

Tana Bridge scored 27 degrees

By the way, this weekend, the Tana Bridge in Finnmark was the warmest in the country. It was measured at 27 degrees.

Low pressures come from the sea and provide clouds and rain in western and northern Norway this week, but it will be gradually warmer, western Norway and Trondelag can expect temperatures up to 20 degrees on Thursday.

– Are they exposed to the sun too?

– Yes, that was it. It will rain occasionally until Friday, but weather and sun are expected this weekend. Hence it is eastern Norway that receives precipitation. The weather can become cloudy in Trondelag. In northern Norway, heat can wait, but Nordland can also expect close to 20 degrees, according to a forecast on Sunday. To the north, it’s a little cooler, Borander says.

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