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Mette Frederiksen wants to limit Denmark's nightlife

Mette Frederiksen wants to limit Denmark’s nightlife

The Danish government has made a proposal to limit the sale of alcohol to make nightlife safer.

We all have an interest in drinking less alcohol, and that we’re not having a drinking culture where people drink from sensation and collecting, says Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. Policy.

According to the proposal, the sale of alcoholic beverages in stores will be banned between 24 and 5 am in typical nightlife areas such as Jomfru Anes Gade in Aalborg, Gothers gade in Copenhagen and other nightlife areas.

violence problems

This proposal is one of several aimed at creating safer nightlife conditions at night, according to Politiken. Restaurants are also required to have a certified concierge, and the police are given the power to fire people who cause insecurity.

There is a problem with a lot of violence in Denmark. Not least, Fredriksen says, is the violence associated with the nightlife, as it’s a challenge to get young people moving at a party in the city scene.

The proposal entails a partial reversal of the liberalization in 2005, when it was opened to sell alcohol at all hours of the day.

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In bad weather

Frederiksen retracted this week in a new YouGov poll for the Danish newspaper bt.

She has gone from being the most popular minister in her government to being number 10. Just two months ago, it was in second place in a similar survey.

1,254 Danes were asked: “No matter your political preferences, what do you think of the following ministers?”

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37 percent responded that they think poorly or very badly of Frederiksen.

BT Søs political commentator Marie Serup refers to the issue of the deleted SMS messages, and wonders if the Danes considered the Prime Minister arrogant during the press conference about the messages.

According to the Danish TV 2 A million and a half Danes attended the press conference last week.

With Regards: Erna Solberg salutes the Danes after their success in the European Championships. Video: Bones. Reporter: Dorholt.
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In November last year, the Danish government decided To kill 15 million of you. The background was that the coronavirus had spread from humans to minks, then mutated in minks and spread back to humans.

The fear was that future vaccines would not be as effective against that mutation as the original virus.

But the matter was not based on Danish law. According to Frederiksen, this is not her responsibility, although she is the head of government. She said last week that she was unaware of the lack of legal authority when she made the decision.

The case of lack of legal basis ended up costing Mogens Jensen his job. He was Minister of Food, Fisheries, and Gender and Minister of Cooperation in the Nordic Countries.

A commission will map what happened in the days the Danish government made the decision.

Deleted text messages

Two weeks ago, it became known that Mette Frederiksen, as well as two of her closest employees, had deleted text messages from the days the decision was made in November 2020.

Fredricksen had his phone set to automatically delete text messages after 30 days.

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During question time on Tuesday in Folketing, it emerged that Frederiksen has now held off this position, writing TV 2.