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Mia (5 months) died after an attack cut:

Mia (5 months) died after an attack cut:

He was at Glindemann Park in Brisbane on a Sunday afternoon when the skaters attacked.

The girl, whose first name was only published by the family, was in her mother’s arms when the squirrel suddenly leaned toward them.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson confirmed the tragic accident Australian.

– We went out after reports of a mother who fell with the baby in her arms after diving to avoid injury, she said.

She says an ambulance took the seriously injured baby to the Queensland Children’s Hospital, but her life could not be saved.

Races against city council

Residents of the area are angry, in their opinion 9 Brisbane news Just before the accident, the city council warned against aggressive mowing that fell into people’s heads to protect their nest.

The scissors were only moved after Sunday’s fatal accident.

Additional signs were also placed that warn of sinking incisors.

Brisbane Mayor Adrian Schreiner told the website that the accident shook the city.

– This has never happened before. We know this situation was probably impossible to predict, he says.

He says the incident is being investigated to prevent something similar from happening again.

Ambulance worker Tom Holland, who tried to save the girl’s life, experienced nothing of the sort.

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– Even for an ambulance worker, this is a very rare and tragic event, he says CNN.

“totally crushed”

Two of Mia’s aunts, Katie and Sophie, created one GoFundMe side To raise money for the girl’s parents.

Sophie says Mia’s parents are broken and the whole family is in deep grief.

Katie and Sophie want money to enable Mia’s parents to take time off work to mourn, he writes Herald Sun.

The money will also cover Mia’s funeral.

At the time of writing, they have collected over 1.1 million NOK.

“Everyone’s generosity overwhelms us. The support given to Mia and her parents has exceeded all the hopes and expectations we had,” the sisters write in an update on the site.

“Everything with Mia was perfect”

On the GoFundMe page, Mia is greeted.

“Everything about Mia was perfect, from her hairy head, to her tiny nose and long little toes,” the message reads.

Mia’s aunts say it was impossible to imagine something like this happening.

– On this day, in Glendman Park, Holland Park West, an incredibly sudden and tragic accident occurred, in which beautiful Mia, who was only five months young, received her little angel’s wings and left the world for the last time, they say.