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Michael asked Jorge Jesus for help: 'I was in the hotel and wanted to commit suicide'

Michael asked Jorge Jesus for help: ‘I was in the hotel and wanted to commit suicide’

Michael, a Flamengo player, revealed that he suffered from severe depression, and that he even considered suicide during the period when Jorge Jesus took charge of the technical team of Rio de Janeiro. In an interview with Barbaridad’s YouTube channel, the striker revealed a request for help from the Portuguese coach, who is currently at Benfica.

“I had depression last year and suffered from it a lot. I was in the hotel and wanted to commit suicide. Some thoughts came into my head and I wanted to know what it would be like to get kicked out of the building. So, I cried for help, for my wife, Dr. Tanor, Diego Ribas and Diego Alves. , Felipe Lewis, Rafinha, Marcus Brazz too. They made me feel wanted, they hugged me. They took care of me like never before,” he began telling the 25-year-old, inspired by the example of American gymnast Simone Biles.

A difficult moment in which the player revealed a great difficulty in being able to sleep on his own, but he managed to get through it with the support of the club’s structure. “The moment I desperately needed a friend, the Flamengo staff reached out to me. God uses people to help. Today I can say that depression is a treatable problem, at least for me it was. I can do my profession better.

During the most complicated period, Michael sought help from Jorge Jesus. “There was a day when I couldn’t concentrate and I went into Jesus’ room and said to him: “Send me away, finish my contract, I don’t know, do what you want”. I was crying, I couldn’t express myself properly. I couldn’t sleep alone. He said he wouldn’t send me away and asked if I slept well at home,” he revealed.

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The Portuguese coach started putting Michael in the same room as Ramon or Mathiosinho during the Flamengo stages and the player started to get psychological and psychological support.

“I’m so grateful for what they’ve done for me. I’m not ashamed to talk about this because almost everyone suffers from depression, but no one assumes it. Pride is pointless, it just kills us. My gratitude to Flamengo, especially to his professionals, will be for the rest of my life.” When I needed a friend, Michael said, the Flamingo reached out to me.