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Michael Schumacher: Confident Jean Todd and his wife Corinna reveal details

Michael Schumacher: Confident Jean Todd and his wife Corinna reveal details

Jean Todd, a friend and confidant of Michael Schumacher, recently revealed himself with surprisingly outspoken words about a friendly family. He gives fans hope, especially with one sentence.

Gland – Shumi fans can’t wait. A documentary about the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion will appear in a few days in which his children and his wife Corinna will share their views. The first film to be supported by the Schumacher family after Michael’s skiing accident was a Netflix product. Before the premiere, there were already obvious words from Jean Todd, today’s FIA boss and close confidante of the family.

Michael Schumacher: The optimistic Jean Todd with honest words about “best girl” Corinna Schumacher

Opposite the build, Todd, 75, who belongs to the narrow circle of the Schumacher family, gave a remarkable interview in which he particularly emphasized Corinna Schumacher. “I ‘ve been spending a lot of time with Corina since Michael had a serious skiing accident on December 29, 2013. She’s a great woman and runs a family,” says Todd, 52. The Frenchman says you “don’t expect the truth.”

“It happened all of a sudden, she had no choice. But she’s doing it well. I trust her, she trusts me,” Todd says, revealing that Shumi’s wife did everything for her husband. Survived – but with consequences. Now you are struggling with the consequences. We hope things will improve slowly but surely. ”Especially the last sentence should give hope to the fans.

Michael Schumacher: Son Mick is “very special” – Jean Todd sees a decisive difference to his father

As a former Ferrari team boss, he also enjoyed some of Shumi’s best moments, and as a Formula 1 scholar he never missed the chance to see Mick Schumacher. “Mick is one of those people who always has a special place in my heart for my wife and Michael Iowa,” Todd continues. The Shoemaker family is very special to us. I wrote a great story with Michael and developed a wonderful relationship. Then the kids were there. ”

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It is obvious that Todd is thinking a little about today’s Haas driver competing in first class for the first time this year. But the FIA ​​leader sees an important difference between father and son. Although Michael had to pave his own career path, “Mick received a very good education in a very comfortable environment”. They are “one blood, one goal”, distinguishing them are prerequisites.

At the end of the month, on the agenda of the 22-year-old Belgian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel finished 12th due to multiple collisions and disqualifications with Mick during a training session in Hungary last weekend.

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