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Michaela’s impressive report! The editor is “devastated”, the janitor is depressed. – National

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Michaela is having happy days, and she is 44 years old. In 2018, having experienced serious professional and personal problems, she quits music and leaves for England, where she rolls up her sleeves and goes to work as a cleaner. “It went from very complicated to amazing! I even toured Latin America, myself with Domingão, on SICSays Micaela, EXCLUSIVELY to TV Guia this week:Five years ago, they didn’t see me like this. When I went to England, I was in a deep depression. I fell in with a label that destroyed me creatively and emotionally, and I just wanted to escape!“The mother of the popular singer, who is one of the most successful in Portugal, reached out and went.”I didn’t even think. Fortunately, the drama is over and now I have a busy schedule.guarantees Micaela, who today is indispensable at the Paço de Arcos station, along with João Baião, Emanuel and company. Happy and in love alongside her agent, José Orlando, Micaela has two children, Bruno and Guilherme, the fruits of an old relationship. “The oldest is 20 and in the Air Force. The youngest is 17 and in that giddy teenage phase… He wants to be a YouTuber. It makes me take a little deep breath and face this new reality but life is like that.”vent holes for the same magazine:Anyway, I am proud to have created these amazing beings“Meanwhile, Michaela has recovered from a broken tibia, in 2022, caused by a fall.”I really five stars. It was a long recovery period, as it involves bones. Physiotherapy is done, and I know my limitations. For example, I can’t jump with a leg [direita]Because the Achilles tendon does not stretch. But I see everything on the positive side.

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Not so long ago, Michaela became one of the faces of “Domingau” and will remain so in the summerEven with parties:Everything corresponds. It’s been an amazing year. I’ll be in the hustle and bustle, especially on Sunday. The agenda is full. ”

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