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Michelle Tello's wife denies having nannies to help her have children

Michelle Tello’s wife denies having nannies to help her have children

a Michelle Tello’s wife decided to give her followers space to ask her some questions in the stories posted on her Instagram page.

Among the questions, the Thais answered Versosa, for example, whether he wanted to increase his family or not. “I am very happy with my wife,” he said, referring to the two children he shares with the Brazilian singer.

Remember that Michel and the Thais are the parents of little Teodoro, four, and Melinda, five.

There were also those who questioned the Brazilian actress about rumors that she had babysitters to help her take care of the children. Information denied. “baby sitter [babysitter] 1: the mother. Nanny 2: Dad,” he joked.

Regarding children’s education, he explained, “Whenever necessary, I talk to them. About everything. From equality to equality. I explain situations, reveal what’s going on, ask, listen, talk. It’s an exchange. I’m 100% focused on respectful education and I’m keen on Always follow this path.”

As reported in Quem magazine, Thai Versousa confirmed that she had wanted to build a family since she was young. “My biggest dream has come true. I love my life.”

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