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Mick Schumacher at F1 Race in Baguio: Best Maneuver Against Masebin, Stop Defeat

Mick Schumacher at F1 Race in Baguio: Best Maneuver Against Masebin, Stop Defeat

Interesting accident when Mick Schumacher stopped!

At Baku GP, the Haas driver suddenly stopped at the end of the ditch lane and his kinetics rolled him back to work on the car. (All Formula 1 races on LIVETICKER)

What happened? At one safety car stage, the shoemaker went into the pits to replace the tires. However, the left tire was not installed properly, which is why Schumacher was told to stop by the radio.

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“The left front tire seems to have caused problems. Everything happens very quickly. Mistakes can happen, but on the second try we did well – so everything was fine,” Schumacher said. The sky To the incident.

Shoemaker clearly pushes Masebin away

Eventually, the son of record-breaking world champion Michael Schumacher somehow managed to get it because he was able to catch up on the field immediately, thanks to the safety car that was still in motion. He did not lose any post.

However, that changed after the violent impact of Max Verstappen causing the red flags. Shockmaker, who already has the biggest lead over his teammate Nikita Masebin, is annoyed.

Despite losing Haas and Schumacher staying away from Williams, Majep quickly backed away after the start and was still in the lap even after the driving error. (Formula 1 Drivers Championship)

“It’s not so easy, we had more tire wear than we expected, we had to dig in earlier than expected. We had to work on tire management and speed, but at least we saw the flag being checked, which was our plan from the beginning,” Schumacher said in the race.

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Defeat maneuvers at the last minute

The restart brought Majepin back into the distance due to the Verstappen accident. Schumacher was relatively careful in the chaos and was overtaken by his teammate.

“We got off to a good start, but it’s very tricky. I only saw standard tires and smoke, so I stayed away from it a bit. I lost my position. But I had two laps to get them back,” the 22-year-old said.

Thanks to a great previous maneuver, it should be enough. Already straight home, the Schumacher exited the slipstream, but Masebin did not allow it to happen, pulling slightly to the right – at 300 km / h without danger.

Haas-Sof? Schumacher angry at Masebin

Schumacher was able to cross the finish line very thinly in front of Masebin, but then he became unusually clear and angry on the radio: “What the hell is that? Really? Seriously? Does he want to kill us?” He gestured with his hand in Masebin’s direction.

His race engineer Gary Cannon tried to calm him down: “Understood, Mick, understood. Checked flag.” Schumacher later sounded cautious in the interview, adding: “It’s not good in the car. I have to watch the video again.”

He was not entirely satisfied with his conclusion: “I would have liked to have taken some points, but you can see that other people can take care of the tires a little better than we do. We have to analyze it. 13th is the best end of the season. We will take it with us now.”