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Microsoft AI is also coming to Windows 11 Terminal

Microsoft AI is also coming to Windows 11 Terminal

Microsoft has promised to integrate AI into Windows 11 and many of its products. It wants to give users great autonomy and allow them to automate and access more information. What’s new now is the arrival of Microsoft’s AI in Windows 11 Terminal.

Microsoft seems to be betting big on AI, even if it is provided by OpenAI. The company started out focusing on the browser and its search engine, and later expanded that offering to include Copilot, which it put on Windows 11 through Windows 10.

This expansion of AI availability by Microsoft shouldn't stop here, there are plenty of programs that should have access to this new feature. The possibilities are almost endless and there is a lot to offer users in terms of automation and feature control.

From what can be seen now, Windows 11 Terminal was the latest to get AI integration from Microsoft. This new feature is still in preliminary testing and is therefore available on Canary version For this program, which can be accessed for pre-evaluation, before it becomes available to everyone.

The possibilities that artificial intelligence brings to the device are many and allow integration with the operating system at various levels. Microsoft's idea seems simple: AI suggests actions, such as alternative commands when the original ones don't work.

Currently, AI integration with Windows 11 Terminal still faces important limitations. Since your language model is not yet integrated, you must use the Azure OpenAI service. Therefore, only those who have access to this Microsoft suggestion will be able to access it at the moment.

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This new feature is important, especially since the AI ​​can detect the shell being used and thus adapt to those commands. With AI, it should be easier to use and thus allow you to get more out of Windows 11 and this peripheral.