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Microsoft brings the Bing AI chatbot to SwiftKey on Android

Microsoft is adding an AI-powered chatbot to the SwiftKey keyboard for Android, enabling conversations in different tones and styles, as well as access to web search.

Microsoft brings the Bing AI chatbot, powered by ChatGPT, to the SwiftKey Keyboard app for Android. The latest beta version of the app adds a new Bing button to the left side of the keyboard’s top row. By clicking on it, you can start conversations with generative AI technology that uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model.

Two ways to use a chatbot

The Bing AI chatbot on SwiftKey can be used in two ways: Tone and Chat. The first option retypes any text you type in four different tones. You can reformulate your message into professional, social, casual and ladylike ringtones with just one click. The message length remains roughly the same, though SwiftKey adds relevant hashtags to the Social Post version of the message.

While the tone option doesn’t make much use of ChatGPT’s generative AI, the chat option does exactly what its name suggests. Opens a new sheet that covers almost the entire screen of your phone and lets you have conversations with an AI chatbot. You can choose from creative, balanced, and subtle conversation styles and start chatting, either via voice input or text input. The application allows you to copy the answers to your clipboard if you want to save them for future reference.

The Bing AI button has been added to SwiftKey

In addition to giving you quick access to Microsoft’s generative AI technology, SwiftKey’s new Bing button can also act as a shortcut for searching the web. The search option appears next to Tone and Chat when you press the button. This integration makes Bing redundant, especially if you use it to access an AI chatbot. Now you have a chatbot at your fingertips in almost every application. All you need is to make SwiftKey your default keyboard and find a text field in the apps.

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The update is in beta testing phase

However, Microsoft has just started releasing this update for SwiftKey in the beta channel for Android users. The new feature is “rolling out slowly,” says Pedram Rezaei, the company’s head of mobile communications and commerce. It may be some time before the Windows giant brings it to everyone, including iPhone users. If you are interested in trying out the Bing AI chatbot on SwiftKey, you can click the button below to download the latest beta version of the app from the Google Play Store. We have also provided a link to the stable release below.