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Microsoft Copilot Now Has AI for Music Creation (Learn How to Use It)

Microsoft Copilot Now Has AI for Music Creation (Learn How to Use It)

Microsoft has teamed up with AI music creation platform Suno and Copilot can now create personalized music from text prompts. The creation process is simple, but be careful, this Copilot feature only works within the Edge browser.

How to use the new feature in Microsoft Edge browser

All users interested in trying Copilot’s new custom music creation tool should open the Edge browser and go to the Copilot website. Here, you have to log in and make sure that the Suno plugin is activated. You can perform this verification in the plug-ins bar, located in the upper right corner of the screen.

But be aware that the Suno plugin is gradually becoming available. For this reason, not all regions already have access to the new Copilot functionality.

It is also unknown whether this Suno extension can be used in the future by other browsers such as Google Chrome. But more information on this specific point may be released in the coming weeks.

How to generate music on Copilot

As mentioned, the process of creating custom music with Copilot is very easy and intuitive. Just open the function and enter the text prompts. From here the algorithm takes control and generates songs with lyrics and even vocals.

To help users, Copilot provides some examples such as:

  • “Create a song about your family’s adventures”
  • “Produces a song about friendship”

In practice, the supplier will explore the personal data collected by the Copilot software during its use and apply it to the songs created.

However, some patience is needed. All because users have to wait at least ten minutes for the resource to display the created musical score.

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